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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I saw Midsommar and thought is was amazing? It was actually a really relaxing experience bar a few scenes. I didn’t think it was hilarious either. I had to laugh, but more like “haha...” instead of dying in chair like the girl next to me. I have a feeling his next film is not going to be as good...

    The Hole in the Ground was also amazing.

    If you’re into these films, please watch A Dark Song.
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  2. He


    I watched Midsommar on Friday and thought it was fantastic... I was left with so many thoughts and feelings. There was so much to take in, so much happening, so many layers (the last bit of exposition felt a bit too convoluted and took me out a bit, though).

    The people laughing in the audience were doing a bit tew much, and it was annoying. Because it was like they decided: oh this film is too weird, but look how hilarious. So they would make comments when things were quiet.

    Such a stunning film. Most of the times it felt like theatre. I also appreciated the accurate depictions of drugs and how it became a part of the cinematography itself.

    Really, an experience.
  3. I downloaded The Descent to watch after work but my flatmate’s home and a massive shitebag, so we’re now watching the Carrie remake ...
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  4. Oh you poor thing.
  5. I kinda like the remake of Carrie. It's far, far from perfect, but I find it entertaining in a lazy-Sunday-afternoon-viewing kind of way.
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  6. Anyone else highkey relieved The Hunt got shelved? Even with the recent tragedies removed from the equation I still can't believe it even got close to release, it sounded embarrassingly ham-fisted.

    Although to be honest I'm mostly salty it got made because the short story it's based off of is one of the best of all time and they decided to do...that with it
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  7. I was really looking forward to that Betty Gilpin-Hilary Swank fight scene, though.

    Just release that!!!

    Also please don’t prevent Betty from becoming a movie star.

    Also they’ll still probably dump this in January when no one’s looking.
  8. Phew Scary Stories was not it. Saw it last night in a completely full theater and not one single moment caused an audible reaction. Multiple people gasped at the IT 2 trailer, for context.

    The "final girl" was a total dud and the characters in general were unlikable all around. The monster that went after Ramon was genuinely the least scary part of the whole thing. The best sequence was with the Auggie character (who happened to be the only character worth rooting for) and his story.

    What a shame as I really loved the books as a child.
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  9. And yet we still aren't getting the Guillermo Del Toro-directed At The Mountains of Madness adaptation.......sigh.
  10. She’s watching The Descent!
  11. Anyone else a Juno stan? I love a complicated bad girl.
  12. BTG


    Misunderstood icon Juno was so much better than whoever the hell the lead character was.

    Like, girl, blame your damn dead husband for cheating. Not just Juno.
  13. Exactly - Juno was grieving her man too!
  14. It wasn't Juno's fault that a Cave Henny killed their friend, either. Anyone else in her position probably would have saved themselves, too!

    Also, if anyone was tough enough to make it out of the cave somehow, it was Juno.
  15. BTG


    Also, Beth can fuck off quite frankly. Sneaking up behind Juno, who was wielding a pickaxe and serving glamour? She deserved to get it in the neck for her foolishness.
  16. And Juno was only looking out for her friends and wanted them to make a discovery of their own cave. And her so-called friends react with anger and resentment. And all their self-righteous shrieking and carrying-on attracted those creatures.
  17. Isn't there a theory that there are no creatures? Sarah is the one who kills everybody. Why is there a close up shot of her pill bottle before they leave for the cave? Sarah imagined the creatures and killed all of her friends.
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  18. Love this. I never felt like the film DEMANDS that you side with Beth at all...
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  19. Team Juno for sure - but I don't actually get all the <critics> gushing for the film overall. It's really not that great.
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  20. Well,

    as per the sequel: she did survive a few days down there on her own and managed to help the cop chick escape at the end....... only to be killed anyway. But still.
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