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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Yes!!! This is great news.

    Did it ever get a Bluray release?
  2. There's a great section in the book Down & Dirty Pictures (still a great read but it's about the Weinstein brothers and the author explicitly talks in the prologue about things he wanted to discuss but was threatened with legal action so...)

    Anyway, a whole section is about the rise of Miramax (and Dimension Films as an offshoot) - the film was absolutely shredded in post-production and Guillermo Del Toro vowed never to work with them again... I think there was reference to budgets being approved then money snatched away at the last minute during filming... it's a pretty great movie even after all that!!!
  3. I do feel the first half of The Descent is better. The tension, the score, the set-up is brilliant. The creatures are scary but that the atmosphere is just so uneasy for that first half.

    I know it's not a horror film but I did like the director Neil Marshall's follow-up Doomsday.
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  4. The "horror" part culminates for me with that first shot of a creature on the camera in the background - I screamed!

    From then on it's a very enjoyable action movie (like Aliens, for example)...
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  5. Can't wait. The Babysitter is severely underrated, and it's such a massive breakthrough performance for Samara. Seeing her in this is what has me all excited for Ready Or Not.
  6. Mimic is a very entertaining movie & definitely has some unsettling moments. It’s a little cheesy but is a lot of fun.

    The Descent is fantastic and probably one of my favourite horror movies. I agree that the first half with the tunnels/claustrophobia is the scarier part but when the monsters do show up it certainly doesn’t go downhill, from then on it’s all out action.

    I’m not sure how I feel about The Babysitter. I don’t think it fully worked for me. It felt style over substance and the humour was very hit or miss. I’d probably be down to watch a sequel but I can’t say I’m excited about it.
  7. BTG


    Also, Juno coming back in the sequel and being a total hero? We stan a true lead who can cheat death and still turn lewks. When will Beth?
  8. I also liked how Holly who is introduced as the cocky reckless loudmouth of the group was the first to crumble when shit starts going down.
  9. Mimic is so underrated. I know Guillermo has his issues with it but its really solid. B-movie monster premise but make it A! Mira is fantastic in it and I hope Harvey rots in hell!

    The Babysitter was just ok for me. I usually like that kind of humor but it didn't always stick for some reason. It was really saved by Samantha Weaving who is always amazing. If she isn't in the sequel my expectations will be very low.
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  10. Finally watched You’re Next for the first time tonight, and LOVED it! I’ve had a DVD copy for years that someone gave to me as a recommendation, but I don’t know why it took me this long to finally play it. I recall being turned off by the trailer, which felt really bleak & torture porn-y. Imagine my surprise to find the film is a great black comedy, and the literal opposite of torture porn. I’ve heard numerous times about the badass final girl, but boy does she deliver. It’s so refreshing watching a protagonist in a horror film actively use their brain & make logical decisions. And as ‘expected’ as the plot twists felt, most of them still took me by surprise (leaving me feeling quite foolish). Adding this to the rewatch list of my horror favs.
  11. Amazing film. A 5/5 in my eyes.
  12. She's watching The Autopsy Of Jane Doe & Nightmare Cinema tonight.
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    I love Mira Sorvino. I couldn’t believe when it came out that Weinstein had her reputation damaged by labelling her difficult for years.

    Part of me wonders if that partially came from Mimic. I know she went in to defend del Toro during production when the Weinsteins considered firing him.
  14. The Weinsteins ruined so many lives and so many films.

    Watched Final Exam tonight. I really enjoyed it, although it's bit of an oddball film. Love the character of Radish. And loved the insight into American sororities.
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  15. About to watch I Know What You Did Last Summer at midnight in a cemetery. Iconic screening.
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  16. I’ve just seen on iTunes this movie called The Banana Splits Movie which I guess sort of riffs off of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

    Looks silly. I might give it a go.

    But first I’m gonna watch Escape Room (the new one) while doing the ironing. Ahhhhh, Sundays.
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    So, I’m working my way through the rest. I hadn’t seen Seed properly since release and my teenage self really enjoyed it at the time, but it definitely hasn’t aged as well as Bride.

    Jennifer Tilly is amazing, I love the meta aspect and the Hollywood mockery but it’s the only film that looks and feels cheap. Curse and Cult are made on a shoestring budget but work within those confines really well. Seed feels like a movie that was originally on a scale of Bride and gradually had to keep scaling back the ideas.
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  18. The Britney gag though...
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  19. BTG


    Well, yes, exactly. That's what I mean, really. A Britney joke... with no Britney, or even Britney music, or even a decent Britney lookalike.

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