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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I know Hennywise is a cute girl but anyone bringing up It Chapter WHO?? again has to stay in the attic with Billy Lenz.
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  2. Thing is, the 1990 film skipped the gay scene and people moaned about its removal, from perspectives of both 'erasing gays' for network TV, and it being one of the creepiest scenes in the book. King included it in the book to show that Derry was 'wrong' and 'corrupted' by evil.

    I'm yet to see the new one but if the scene is not deliberately constructed to be homophobically offensive (rather than just illustrating it), I don't get the drama. Should only straight people die in films? Fact is that nasty anti-gay attacks do still occur as they did in 1985, I don't think that mainstream media should shy away from showing it on the basis that people might be triggered.

    It's a tale about a child eating clown that begins with a relatively graphic murder of a <10-year-old.
  3. BTG


    Sorority Row is amazing but yeah, the climax needed to be a lot more bloodthirsty with the supporting cast.

    A hunty killing off Leah Pipes? Disgraceful.
  4. Sure, but that wasnt really made clear.
  5. Indeed. And I always assumed that the opening in the book/movie related to the fact that Pennywise feeds on fear. The ‘phobia’ in ‘homophobia’ literally means fear. Therefore that incident enables Pennywise
  6. And if mainstream entertainment and gay representation within Horror was balanced and varied this argument would be convincing but throughout a surprising amount of entertainment, gay affection is then followed by death and while most Horror deaths are usually presented in a almost ‘fantasy’ type set up where an elaborately dressed killer chases the victim through an choreographed set up that would almost never happen in real life, this was a brutal attack on a gay couple by a couple of average homophobic straight guys who then left them bloody and threw one off a bridge that had no connection to any of the other characters in the movie and had no baring whatsoever on the plot.

    Every other death is a fucking supernatural clown doing otherworldly shit so yes, I feel I can be free to feel ‘triggered’ and deeply unsettled that two gay characters in this movie exist for five minutes, get homophobically abused and get gay bashed in a horrific scene and thrown off a damn bridge simply for showing affection in public which is a genuine threat and worry for gay people in really life while all the straight characters (of which there are an abundance in horror) get clear ‘fantasy deaths’ and I can feel genuinely unsettled and pissed at its inclusion when other scenes from the book where cut for being too inappropriate.
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  7. ...Doesn't this movie have its own thread or something?
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  8. Sorority Row really is that bitch. It has all the makings of a horror classic. It’s knowingly campy, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and brings it with the kills.

    The only thing wrong with it is that they killed off Jessica. Sis CARRIES the movie from the opening scene, she deserved final girl status.

    Its 24% score on rotten tomatoes is a hate crime.
  9. Yeah, people need to stop using 'it was in the book' as an excuse. It didn't translate well.
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  10. a) No and b) this is the biggest horror movie of the year that is just out, why wouldn’t we be discussing it in the horror thread?

    xoxo though sis.
  11. I'm gonna watch Sorority Row this weekend while I'm hungover. Y'all have got me in the mood.
  12. I watched it last night for the first time. What a hoot.
  13. I remember I was 6 when I saw The Fly.


    The babysitter just asked me which VHS tape I wanted to watch in her collection (before she fucked off into her room and left me in the living room with the TV on), and I pointed at The Fly upon seeing the cover.

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  14. It isn't explained well in the film, but it's how Mike finds out that It has returned. It technically ...sets up the events of the entire plot.
  15. Sorority Row was the first real horror movie I watched in the cinema with my friends (aged 14 where I bought a ticket for something else and snuck in), and it was such a great time. We were the only 4 people in the screening and it was front to back a great time, it’s almost like Mean Girls made slasher.

    Also I’m an absolute sucker for slashers, especially with an almost all female cast, so it remains one of my faves.
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  16. Maybe this info will add clarity:

    "The scene sucked all the air out of the room in the screening, and for a good reason. In a movie where most of the horror is carried out by an evil clown/demon/thing, this gay-bashing scene is a frighteningly realistic event. In fact, King based the death of Adrian on a real-life hate crime. In 1984, Charlie Howard, a gay man, was killed by a group of teens in Bangor, ME. Howard was thrown off the State Street Bridge into the Kenduskeag Stream canal, where he drowned."

    The Director:
    “For me, it was important to include it because it’s something that we’re still suffering. Hate crimes are still happening. No matter how evolved we think society is going, there seems to be a winding back, especially in this day and age where these old values seem to be emerging from the darkness.”

    This sums it up for me entirely - art tends to reflect life, especially horror films as a venting point for social tensions - so it should be hard hitting, it stands a better chance of waking up Joe 'homophobia-no-longer-exists' Bloke to it.
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  17. Just dropping by to say Sorority Row is one of the best slashers from the last years, I never get tired of rewatching it.
  18. My Cult Cinema 'April Fools Day' Blu Ray has turned up. Shame as there are zero special features. I will probably end up getting the UK/US release if one happens & they have extras. Will do a compare with my DVD on the quality.
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  19. Not even that original ending? They shot it dammit! Paramount are so rubbish with their vaults.
  20. She’s in the mood for a period horror piece tonight. She’s watching...

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