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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Exactly.

    One of my favourite killer costumes though, I wonder if it’s a direct inspiration from Who Saw Her Die or just coincidence.
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  2. I am watching Blood and Black Lace by Mario Bava at the moment. I love these giallo movies. The faggotry of the color palettes...the campy dubbing...the early slasher elements. Iconic!
  3. That’s on my pile to watch... another Bava fav is Baron Blood. He goes full crayola in the lighting department.
  4. IT Chapter Two was mostly a disappointment, teebs.

    The intensity of the opening scene was only matched once with the funhouse bit. The rest was kinda unbalanced and they kept putting in zany comedy lines, which would be ok if it carried over from the first one but it seemed entirely at odds with it.

    Amazing casting though - especially for Beverly.
  5. Hulu has The Evil Dead in HD and whew, that was truly ahead of its time. Is the sequel any good?
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  6. The sequel bests the original in almost every aspect. It definitely leans into slapstick humor. I adore the practical effects in Evil Dead 2.
  7. Anyone saw Marianne on netflix? Thoughts?
  8. Terrible.
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  9. Uno


    I was really into the Black Christmas trailer until that Sorority vs Fraternity showdown. Looks fucking ridiculous - why call it Black Christmas if you’re going to stray that far from the source material?
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  10. It's sort of a remake of the original with a bigger budget. It's shed loads more fun and bonkers. They are both classics.
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  11. I absolutely am here for kick ass female's knocking the living snot out of misogynistic fraternity losers but yeah its just not Black Christmas. They should have just called it something else as it's not like the name is gonna bring in the masses.

    Also speaking of the iconic Cherry Falls during the scene where king Michael Biehn goes to Lora Lee's house and he is being watched is that supposed to be Lora herself or the killer? I always took it as Lora and found it really more spooky that way.
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  12. Cherry Falls got shredded by script changes and the MPAA, which is why it's a mess of a film. They were so amped for this 'longest death scene ever' with a girl slowly sliding down a piece of broken glass only for it to be entirely removed and then the film was denied its US theatrical release anyway!

    Still has the best tagline: "If you haven't had it - you've had it."
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  13. As good as Anne was in that - the tension building was off from the original. I still prefer the original.
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  14. I still am blown away by how clear the DVD is tbh.
  15. Oh, definitely but I just liked her in this. I thought she was the best thing about it.
  16. This is sort of touched on in the film (the Losers' Club forget about Derry after they leave), but IT's presence in the town has an effect on its residents.

    "As time went on, It gained a degree of control over the Derry, influencing the town's residents so that they interfered with It's feedings as little as possible, even being able to manipulate them into helping It, if needed. Although investigations were always made into these murders and kidnappings, Derry's authorities would either fail to turn up any leads, wrongfully accuse someone of committing these crimes, or find a convenient scapegoat (such as Henry Bowers) that fits the description. Once It returns to It's slumber and the murder and kidnappings stop, the memories of them seemed to gradually fade away."
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  17. Was annoyed they totally elided the fate of Henry's friends Belch and Vic. That was one of the scariest parts of the book.
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  18. Any of you other horror faguettes used Letterboxd at all to log your films?

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  19. BTG


    Yeah, I think it has to be her. I’m not sure there’s any time for the son to travel there and back in time to kill the principal.
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  20. Yes. Though it eats my battery life harder than the crocs from the Lake Placid sequels eat bikini babes.
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