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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. So I re-watched this one for the first time since it came out


    From Mary Lambert director of the original Pet Sematary. Not quite as much the trashy guilty pleasure I hoped it would be but is completely worth it for Susan Ward's portrayal of Queen Bee Bitch Britney (originally offered to Sarah Michelle Gellar which she wisely turned down) she is absolutely gorgeous and delicious in the part. Take a shot every time she seductively puts on lip gloss...you going to the hospital.
  2. I’ve tried Letterboxd but didn’t manage to turn it into a habit. I have lists in the Notes apps of all films I’ve seen theatrically in 2017, 18 and 19. That works for me.
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  3. I remember this! The trailers made it look like a slasher movie in a country club for snotty teens and then... well.

    The lead girl kept doing some signature lip gloss application thing, right?
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  4. So, I saw Hereditary a few nights ago and thought it was pretty good.
    That ignited a spark in me to check out more recent-ish Horror flics, as I've kind of neglected the Genre in the past decade. The countless sequels, reboots and all the Paranormal Activity and Insidious/Conjuring flics dampened my enjoyment of the genre a bit. The Evil Dead Remake was the last one I saw in theatres and I saw Us, but thought it was a little subpar.

    Films on my watch list:
    The Witch
    You're Next
    Happy Death Day 1&2
    The Lighthouse
    It Follows

    I'm open to all suggestions of films made between '09-'19 my fellow Horror-loving hunties.
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  5. You're Next is amazing and the Happy Death Day movies are good fun.
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  6. Don't Breathe
    Green Room
    The Neon Demon

  7. Yeah she put her lip gloss on in like every other scene....iconic. I tired so hard to find a picture of her doing it to use as my avatar to no avail. My night is ruined. The movie is pretty lame overall but has that fun early 00's feel. I was here for the long cat fight at the end though.
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  8. You have Norma though, pretty good fallback.
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  9. I'm three episodes into this and so far digging it. Genuinely creepy and disturbing moments. Mireille Herbstmeyer is just phenomenal!
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  10. Oh, wow. I saw this in the cinemas! Blast from the past. Not a great movie but not as horrible as the reviews suggest.

    The lead actress Susan Ward was fine. I'm sure she thought this was going to be her Basic Instinct but her career never really took off. She hasn't appeared in anything since 2012.
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  11. What are people's thoughts on the new Pet Sematary? I watched half of it the other night and ended up turning it off 40 minutes in and going to bed, I'm reluctant to carry on watching it, it just didn't capture the feeling of the original 1989 version for me, that film is pure nostalgia, so I'm bound to be critical of the new one. It felt a bit direct to DVD. Although, the original also feels a bit low budget, but somehow aesthetically works.
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  12. I didn’t like the remake at all and couldn’t wait for it to be over. They could (and should) have done so much more with the concept. The book is weird as fuck, but it freaked me out. The movie did the complete opposite.
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  13. Has anybody seen Pet Sematary 2? I recently bought it as it seems to have a good rep on the horror fan blogs/sites.
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  14. I saw it along time ago, I don’t remember much about it except I definitely enjoyed it.
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  15. Midsommar's Director's Cut in the UK is coming to Blu-ray, second disc is the theatrical version, DVD is theatrical only.
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  16. Well that’s not fair.
  17. I loved the Pet Sematary remake.

    Really good novella. Excited for this.
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  18. It was so ridiculous that it was decent, I just finished it. I don't think I would've liked it if they also weren't taking the piss
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  19. It’s one of the most perfect horror-comedies... compared to the darkness that permeates from the original, which is funny as well, but that tree rape scene is still something else.

    The remake/sequel is great as well, I want a follow up, with them all colliding.
  20. Yes, it's what helped get it banned initially in the UK on VHS. We finally got a cut version. We didn't get the less cut version until the late 1990s, the full uncut in the 2000s.

    Seeing an uncut pirate copy back in the day felt special. Seems dumb now especially with what get's released these days.
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