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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. "This is the gayest thing...and we did Xanadu last month." Iconic.
  2. Started watching Marianne on Netflix last night and am throughly enjoying it so far. Some of the character moments/non-horror comes across as a little goofy but the horror moments are very well done. I’ve been on the edge of my seat throughout the first 2 episodes, hope it keeps up throughout the season.

    The scene in the second episode where the witch calls the assistant when she’s in the house alone is literally the thing of nightmares.
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  3. Currently watching Ma and the Missi Pyle moment just shook me!
  4. I saw it at Frightfest and the cast did a little Q&A beforehand and were so proud of it and then...it played.

    The third one has a moment that tops absolutely anything from it though.
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  5. The metal rod?
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  6. I was thinking of the blowjob.

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  7. Oh my God. I forgot about...THAT scene. Good God.
    The NOISES as she hammered the rod into his hole AGGGGHHHH. Still, nothing is more disgusting than her rubbing poo into the guy's infected wounds in the second one! What the Christ. How do people think of this stuff???
    I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu may also be one of the worst things I've ever seen.
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  8. The original Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is coming to Blu-Ray from Warner Archive Collection.
  9. I’d erased that from my mind, like I did with all of A Serbian Film. Jesus.
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  10. A Serbian Film was so desperate to be shocking, it just ended up being stupid and laughable.
  11. Agreed. It tried so hard to be edgy and disturbing that it was just laughable and cringe-inducing. Much like everything related to The Human Flopipede.
  12. So glad these themes are being addressed for what they were - so many twats online making homophobic comments for years about it being a gay propaganda film when it's littered with such clear anti-gay sentiment! It's great how it's become a gay anthem of a horror film in spite of itself.

    I still live for it though, it's genuinely one of the scariest in the series.
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  13. BTG


    To celebrate The Emancipation of Mark Patton, she’s watching Nightmare 2 today.

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  14. Maybe I will celebrate it being Monday by watching this!

    Also, not them doing this to Lisa Webber on the poster:
    Meryl Streep would nevah.
  15. BTG


    I screamed!

    Truly, what more could you want in a horror movie? Sweaty men, leather, Freddy at his creepiest, Meryl in one of her earliest roles and gay themes.


    I love queers.
  16. It just needed one more awesome nightmare sequence to match up to that school bus opening. It's a short film as it is, so they could've lobbed in another random victim.
  17. Flop final girl Nancy writing in her diary:

    Meryl Streep reading and laughing at Nancy's stupid-ass diary:
  18. BTG



    I was going to say! Yas, read her shitty, Johnny Depp, masturbatory fantasy to filth. Yas, hide it behind Probe.
  19. Sid Haig has died.

    Did anybody see 3 From Hell? I’ve never really been a Rob Zombie fan.
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  20. The more Rob Zombie films I see, the more I realize that The Devil's Rejects was probably a fluke with how good it turned out to be. The last film I saw of his was 31, and it was so poorly directed.

    That being said, Sid Haig was great in the role he played in the "Dr. Satan" films.
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