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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I love the original Halloween 2 but my god between Laurie being sedated as fuck, Michael's ridiculously slow walk and the all around sluggish pacing I'm like

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  2. Tempted to watch Poltergeist III again just so I can do shots every time Carol Anne's name is said. I have to revive this every so often because, for the longest time, we haven't said:



  3. I fucking love Poltergeist III.

    It starts off so strong and builds such a great atmosphere, and the work with the mirrors is fab. Sadly the entire bottom drops out (mainly due the tragic circumstances during filming) and absolutely nothing quite makes sense after CAROL ANNE! is kidnapped. But it is still iconic in all its batshit glory.

    And I absolutely LIVE for the 80s decor of their high rise. Move me in there NOW.
  4. My weekend in movies somehow ended up being a horror-fest, despite no plans for it...

    1) Eyes Of Laura Mars
    This may be the most amazing/terrible movie of all time - Dunaway at peak over-acting powers, Tommy Lee Jones, Raul Julia and Brad Dourif all being varying levels of thirst-trap handsomeness. A truly iconic scene involving a high-fashion photo-shoot and Let's All Chant by Michael Zager Band. THAT twist (which I didn't see coming until about 5 minutes before the reveal)... how have I lived my life without this movie until now!?

    2) Eli
    That may be the most batshit final 20 minutes of a movie I've ever seen. Not that it especially worked (in fact, it made the rest of the film feel like an elaborate trick instead of an enjoyable horror thriller). The always reliable Lili Taylor and Kelly Reilly kept me watching until it all kicked off at the end...

    3) Wounds
    I think that I'll enjoy the memory of it more than the experience of watching it - the Armie Hammer character is (purposely) the worst ever example of toxic masculinity, privilege and entitlement that I found it difficult to give a shit about his troubles - furthermore, while Dakota Johnson was "in the right", she was too under-used to act as a surrogate and keep my attention. See also the far more interesting Zazie Beetz. Not sure that I'll ever forget the final image, so at least there's that...
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  5. To add, I was especially disappointed by Wounds because... Under The Shadow is absolutely in my Top 10 horror films of this decade and expectations were... higher than usual...
  6. Wounds was shite.

    I really enjoyed Eli. It went a little over the top towards the end but still, an enjoyable halloween flick.
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  7. I might Eli tonight if it’s good fun

    Halloween 2, is fun, but the pacing is off, and it doesn’t quite get over that. The start, and the final half hour are grand, but it slogs with Michael skulking round the hospital. The deaths are brutal though, which is also a plus.
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  8. Ok if someone wants to explain Wounds to me that would be great.
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  9. I watched My Bloody Valentine last night and the best thing was when the girl slapped the other girl who was shocked after her man was killed
  10. I interpreted it as Armie Hammer being so vacant and without passion/humanity that he became an easy target host for the "demon" summoned by the kids - he had lots of positives in his life but never recognised them as such - his jealous thirst/resentment/dismissal for/of everything that others have (eg. college education, happy relationship, good job) is what leads him to be so empty that he actively asks the demon to fill him up - the very end being a repulsively literal version of this... I'm probably completely wrong so welcome other aka correct interpretations!
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  11. She really was like “get over it”.

    I also watched Hell Fest last night (on demand is BOOMING with options) and it was so fun. Scream at the one bro getting such a quick and lame death compared to the others’ truly grisly demises!
  12. I know they clearly wanted to franchisify Hell Fest, but I wish the final girl(s) would've fucked up the killer's shit, cut his head and limbs off and barbecued that fucker.
  13. I love this film. LOVE it. This was Faye's first post-Oscar starring vehicle. Produced by Barbra Streisand's ex Jon Peters. And Barbra herself sings the haunting theme song.

    Sadly, I knew the twist before seeing it (but the movie is still enjoyable even being spoiled).
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  14. That and The Killing Hour basically feel like American Giallo’s, and I enjoy both.
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  15. Also you could tell they really wanted you to stan that girl from Scream the TV Series but I could not wait for her to die.
  16. Feeling cute, might fit in another horror film later...
    It is October after all.
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  17. I watched Gerald's Game (finally) on Sunday and once again confirmed my thoughts that Mike Flanagan is a bloody brilliant horror director. I guessed the twist but still loved everything about the film, my god the wrist/hand cutting scene!!!!!

  18. This sounds right. As for the movie I thought it started interesting but didn't know how to tell the rest of the story in a compelling manner. The final image was creepy though. Dakota was wasted.
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  19. Agreed - I guess the high-calibre of cast was due to actors signing on based purely on the director's name (and his amazing debut)...
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