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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. When I tell you I wore the tape out in my VHS of that scene when he wakes up in the zoo...
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  2. On Amazon Prime in the UK...
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  3. I don’t get the Nightbreed hype. Maybe I need a rewatch, but if I recall it’s a mess of a movie.
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  4. There was studio interference but there's a Director's Cut which restores most of the original vision. Haven't checked it out yet but I will very soon.
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  5. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was kinda meh. Pretty great monster work but the pacing was very off. Also this shameless sequel setting up endings that has been going on lately like Escape Room needs to stop.
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  6. Finally watched In The Tall Grass last night. Other than Dadrick Wilson, it was shit.

  7. So glad to come to this thread and see a variety of reactions to Midsommar. My general response is
  8. I watched Brightburn last night. I was pretty surprised by the horror elements. I was expecting a more straight forward super villain story.
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  9. I just saw Heretiks or Heretics or The Convent - not sure why they renamed it multiple times for different countries but good LORD almighty, it was 86 mins and I swear it felt like it ran for 3 fucking hours.

    Save your money, time and effort - it's TRASH.
  10. Just watched Party Hard, Die Young on Shudder and it was a pretty decent little slasher. Sleek, stylish and the guys were sexy as hell. Nothing ground breaking but enjoyable enough.
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  11. Uno


    Is the Shudder subscription worth it? Do you get a good selection of titles, and are they updated regularly? Do they have Shudder Originals?
  12. I just got the 7 day free trial of Shudder, and I was a little bit... underwhelmed with the selection. I may pay for the first month and use it as an alternate horror catalogue until it’s used up (I’ve demolished everything on Netflix so far!). There are definitely titles I’m interested in watching but not as many as I’d have hoped.
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  13. The vast majority of films I have on Blu Ray or DVD, so it's really not worth it for me. There are not enough 'new' films I haven't seen to make it worth my while. I do use my other streaming services, 'Netlfix' & 'Amazon Prime' to watch stuff I already have because it saves me finding it as I have so many physical films. I make the most of those platforms with stuff I haven't seen. They have great series too.
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  14. Honestly no. As soon as I watch Incident in a Ghostland I'm cancelling. Overall weak selection and I'm not a big fan of their custom service also. I emailed them that Rec 2 would not play and they said it's not available in the US. I wrote back then it shouldn't come up as an option then and they didn't respond.
  15. Yeah I only had the free trial and found little to get excited about.

    Lake Bodom and You Might Be the Killer are very much worth it if they're both still on there though.
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  16. I quite enjoyed this mainly because I thought the sense of time and place felt really atmospheric and authentic. So the overall "mood" was great, but I agree about the pacing think it would have worked a lot better as a mini-series.
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  17. Watching Sorority Row and it's as fun as ever.

    Weird that there almost no slasher films dealing with frat boys, as they're such total sleaze.
  18. Speaking of which I hope the "super-villains" series happens.
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  19. BTG


    So, I watched The Grudge 2 for the first time last night. How can it (and The Ring 2) be so, so bad despite the original Japanese directors behind them? There’s literally none of the same style or skill.

    Studio interference? The Grudge 2 looked so bad I had to remind myself that it was actually released theatrically.
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