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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. It's watchable but nothing special. It's a patchwork of other much betters horrors of this genre (Final Destination, The Ring, Shutter, Darkness Falls).
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  2. The one from 2017 right? Because that's what I compare Polaroid to. Or the first
    Ouija. The same mess.
  3. I didn’t mind it actually! It had some good scares and some creepy imagery. Not the disaster I was expecting.
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  4. I just wanted Madelaine Petsch to survive the whole movie. I liked her character.

    And yes also Davi Santos.
  5. I just found out they made a video game based on The Ring for the Dreamcast. It’s janky as hell and seems to be based on the source material novels rather than the films.
  6. No, The Ring (1,2,3,0), The Ring Remake, The Ring 2, Rings, they all have the same premise.

    I am not comparing in regards of quality, just stolen plotlines from.
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  7. I understand but I still think Polaroid is full of cliches, boring and predictable. Okay, it may be a great popcorn flick for some. But this premise has been done to death.

    I'd actually prefer to watch Slender Man again over this. Yes I said it.

    Or Wish Upon which I didn't think was that bad at all.
  8. Ah Wish Upon

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  9. Yes, it was very cliched & predictable but watchable. These films do seem a little lazy but the market is saturated with them these days. Picking out the good, the bad & the ugly is a chore.

    I though Wish Upon was OK but nothing special, it was better made than Polaroid but still as predicable. Slender Man wasn't helped by the fact it was too dark. If the plot had been more interesting I could have given it more of a try.
  10. Oh I looooove these crummy Final Destination wannabes...

    Open Graves - cursed board game
    Wish Upon - magic wishing pot thingy
    Truth or Dare - cursed drinking game
    The Letters of Death - cursed chain letter
    999-9999 - phone number that grants wishes
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  11. If this was the early 1990s, they would have stuck 'Amityville' in front of all those titles.
  12. HAHAHAHA they so would!

    Remember the one with the cursed lamp!?
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  13. And the cursed clock.

    I think we must have been more grateful to get anything horror wise in the 1980s/1990s on VHS. You would give anything a chance, and they got worse year after year until 'Scream'.
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  14. Yeah, I recall all those terrible straight-to-video films and sequels with washed up actors, usually with Bram Stoker (Shadowbuilder), Stephen King (Children of the Corn MCMXVII), or Wes Craven's (Don't Look Down) name somehow attached despite the fact they weren't remotely related to the end product.

    Curiously though, crap as they were, most had decent-to-good production values.
  15. My favourite disaster of a "horror" movie. Everything in it is so ill-advised and embarrassing. What a treat.
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  16. The cursed lamp one is superb... which reminds me, I have the Vinegar Syndrome Set waiting for me at the post office of four of the 'official' 90's Amityville sequels waiting for me at the post office.
  17. I seem to recall that most on here don't class "zombie movies" as true horror films, which I kind of agree with...

    However, I finally watched Train To Busan for the first time on Saturday and IT WAS AN INSTANT MASTERPIECE... my god, how can a movie be so tense that it was stood on my neck for practically two hours... so much to recommend about it - I've always loved horror films in the "disaster movie" mould - I cared about every single one of that group of 9 survivors and... it broke my heart that not everyone made it to the end!

    Hardly anyone makes it to the end.
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  18. Really? What else would they be?
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  19. I guess that many (I’m thinking World War Z off the top of my head) are more “action thrillers” than exercises in suspense and dread... though that case could be made for the entire Saw franchise and many others so I’m talking shit!

    Anyway, I truly adored Train To Busan!
  20. A zombie movie is definitely a horror movie... even the Resident Evil ones.

    Train to Busan is a masterpiece, and my favourite zombie horror since 28 Days Later I think.
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