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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Quick diversion, but happy 100th to the first silent horror I ever watched

  2. Just rewatched Ripper with AJ Cook. I forgot how decent it is for a cheapo budget b-movie. Even the scene where 2 characters die in a saw mill that has absolutely nothing to do with the killer, though I imagine the killer was pretty happy that 2 people got butchered and they didn’t have to do a damn.

    “oh, they’re dead? Great! Less work for me. I’ll just have some tea”.
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  3. Re-watching the 1993 classic Man's Best Friend starring icon Ally Sheedy and from the director of Childs Play 2. Kinda lame but the dog is so god damn cute.
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  4. Doesn't the killer switch on the saw?

    A friend of mine auditioned for the role of "black girl with attitude" in Ripper 2. Having seen it I'm glad she tanked.
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  5. This looks very good. Please let it be good.
  6. Ripper is so weird. It has a decent cast but why is AJ Cook's acting so bad? The queen in the turtle neck was my favorite.
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  7. It does. I love Jordan Peele, but I hope it's not just a succession of teenage girls being sliced up. And is it a remake, reboot, or sequel-not-sequel?

    Love the version and use of Say My Name too.
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  8. I think it's like Halloween 2018, a sequel/reboot. I have a feeling from the trailer that it is mostly adults who are getting preyed upon. However, who is actually gonna say Candyman in a mirror but a bunch of teenagers? I know my dumb ass did.
  9. BTG



    It’s a direct sequel to the original that discounts 2 onwards. The lead is baby Anthony from the original.

    That Destiny’s Child/original movie score mash up... I’m finished.
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  10. The teen scene gave me worries but the rest of it looks GREAT. Wonder if we will see Helen again.
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  11. Glad they're keeping a solid link. The original still intrudes in my daily life: Anyone named Ruth I automatically call Ruthie Jean.
  12. They didn't remix the Philip Glass theme?

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  13. Alright, Candyman looks like it can come through. Also, I was just listening to The Writing’s In The Wall this morning. Great use of “Say My Name.”
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    It’s in there isn’t it? I could swear I heard elements.
  15. BTG


    Wait, I didn’t realise that was the original Anne-Marie in there!
  16. As soon as they said Cabrini Green, I figured it was a follow up and I got even more excited. I didn’t even realise King Tony Todd was also back.
    I hope it’s as great as it looks, and it’s a hit.
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  17. BTG


    I actually hope Tony’s screentime is limited. Great presence but the less we see him, the scarier it is. He’s in the second one entirely too much.
  18. I love this movie so much! Truly ahead of its time and such a classic!
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  19. It's there a brief second in a piano key and yes that's Anne Marie. So it's a sequel yet the same characters as the original? If the plot line is indeed the screenings, I hope it isn't as poor as the reception was. I really hope this matches somewhat with the original that is one of my favorites and isn't a remake/sequel that lives in the shadows of its older brother/sister.
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  20. I still get chills reading about the history of Cabrini Green, the surrounding neighborhoods and all the stories/violence that Candyman referenced. Truly was hell on earth for a lot of people.
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