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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I honestly wasn't expecting Invisible Man to get such great reviews so I'm perched to see it now.
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  2. The trailer looked really bad imo so I'm kinda shocked it's getting good reviews. Might go see it. I always liked the concept.

    It's really about time for the classic monster movies to be made current again.
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  3. Thats tea, actually. At least we’ll always have House on Haunted Hill.
  4. BTG


    Candyman is one of my favourites. There’s nothing quite like the unsettling vibe of the first act.

    It loses a little steam for me after the amazing car park scene. I find Candyman scarier as an unknown, abstract urban horror figure than the romanticised, tortured artist trying to seduce Helen - but it’s still an incredible movie.

    Poor Kasi Lemmons. The best friend of not one, but two iconic horror heroines of the 90s. At least Clarice didn’t reveal her problematic ass like Helen did.
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  5. Helen's dissociating murders gave me some serious anxiety. Waking up confused, bloody and with no recollection of anything feels just like when I have an epileptic seizure.
  6. SAME AND I DIDNT WANNA SAY IT BUT it’s just a tired trope at this point. The fact that Glass’ legendary, hauntingly brilliant score was sidelined for that rubbish take on DC had me rolling my eyes.
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  7. [​IMG]

    This scene still gets me.
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  8. That trope of "let's transpose an upbeat song into a minor key and make it a ballad to be ~*spoopy and creppy*~ has been around an extremely long time. I remember even the Last House on the Left remake had it in the trailer (Sweet Child of Mine).
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  9. BTG


    I will not hear a word against Say My Name, Philip Glass.
  10. I watched Crawl last night and I found it quite tense and suspenseful, the emotion and backstory delivered well, so overall I'd recommend it.
    But... there's just a few things that bothered me, like, how are people still running around after an Alligator has just clamped onto your leg and shaken you left to right?
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  11. Sis, it's a creature feature! Don't overthink it.
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  12. Perched for a Blumhouse remake of The Howling with a spooky version of the Vocal Bible's Full Moon playing over the trailer.
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  13. No spoilers but I really enjoyed it. It was just a good, solid horror movie with an antagonist you root for, great tension and a story that didn't rely too much on tropes. I felt slightly let down by the ending but I'll be interesting to know how others felt. Elizabeth Moss was fantastic as ever.
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  14. Uno


    I enjoy the "spooky version" of older songs. It's definitely not a new thing though.

    10 Cloverfield Lane did it with I Think We're Alone Now.
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  15. If I never hear another morose cover of Eurythmics soundtracking a movie trailer again...
  16. I know I know, not to be taken seriously. I must have been in a serious mood on the back of watching Dunkirk.
  17. BTG


    Everything always comes back to the Vocal Bible. Panes of glass can’t relate.
  18. In before Scream gets rebooted with a dreadful trailer take on Whisper to a Scream (it would be extra offensive considering how amazing the SoHo version was in the original lol)

  19. Yep. Love Norma and her iconic red hat. Carrie is top 5 for me. A masterpiece.
  20. What are the other four?
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