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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. The Grindhouse fake trailers made several points.
  2. I still want a full length DON'T and Thanksgiving please
  3. I'm still sad Grindhouse flopped so hard. It was such a blast in theatres.
  4. Death Proof just isn't grindhousey enough, or good. Its damn boring apart from what, ten minutes in the middle and ten at the end?
    For such a supposed horror fan, Tarantino absolutely dropped the ball...
    Planet Terror on the other hand is wonderful, it could slot on a double bill with Nightmare City or Zombi 3, and you wouldn't bat an eyelid why it's there.
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  5. This.

    Just dialogue dialogue dialogue bookended by a couple of decent action scenes.
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  6. Death Proof is one of my favorites. I could see why it would be boring to some but I liked all the actress's plus most of the dialogue. Plus the two actions scenes are incredible. "I'm going to bust a nut up into this bitch!" The role reversal with the second set of girls....they made a point.

    I always liked it more then Planet Terror.
  7. I’m gutted I never saw the whole thing back then. It’s a shame Dimension split the movies up to cover costs. Netflix needs to pick the whole saga up.
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  8. One of my favorite cinema experiences ever was seeing Grindhouse with a bunch of my co-workers. We took up an entire row and had a absolute blast. That was one 4 times I saw it in the theater. After the movie we were so jazzed.

    I actually love Death Proof but Planet Terror is my favorite. The way Robert Rodriguez applies the wear and tear is so brilliantly done. He puts in in specific places to heighten the scene. The performances are also brilliant particularly Rose McGowan and Marley Shelton. The way they lean into the exploitation style of acting while managing to keep the characters somewhat grounded. I actually find the "reach up" part quite touching ddd.

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  9. Watched the 1989 film Vamp for the first time. Worth it for Grace Jones non-speaking role alone. Her dance....was like nothing I've ever seen before. Just wow. Tonight I might try Color Out of Space, Sweetheart or Demons 2. Decisions, Decisions....
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  10. Isn't it 1986? yes, I love Vamp. I need to see it again. I love her dance (and Keith Haring art). And Robert Rusler can get it.

    I also loved watching Grindhouse in cinemas. I understand, though, why people dislike Death Proof. I hate how they treat Mary Elizabeth Winstead. And there is a lot of talk. But somehow I still like it. I love revenge movies like Kill Bill.
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  11. Oh shit your right it is 1986. Yep the scene where she is licking Robert's entire torso was so hot. Glad Death Proof seems to be finding it's fans throughout the years. I do wonder what the final action scene would have been like have they included Mary Elizabeth....justice for her!
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  12. Wasn't it because audiences failed to comprehend a second movie was coming and were leaving in large swathes?
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  13. After sitting though Death Proof, I'd probably want to leave before a second feature as well.
  14. Planet Terror was first though!
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  15. Death Proof is amazing and the FAR better film, so...
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  16. Oh,
    That makes no sense then. But imagine sitting through PT then falling asleep through DP for the same price.
  17. This Death Proof slander!

  18. It's honestly one of my favorite Tarantino flicks. Something about it is just correct for me. I love that it's super talky.
  19. Planet Terror is the one but Death Proof is a fun watch, too. Kurt Russell gives a great performance and the parallel nature of the narrative is great.
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