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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Pamela is my spirit animal. I wish we could have gotten a Pamela Voorhees and Debbie Salt buddy cop show. Jill Roberts could be introduced in the second season.
  2. That feeling when you try to shave your legs during a pandemic but your skin falls off and your boyfriend locks you in a shed.
  3. I love Vamp, the colors, the music, the actors. It's dazzling and was pretty obviously the inspiration for "From Dusk Till Dawn".

    I actually like "Demons 2" just as much as the first one, but most would disagree there.
    The condo setting gives it a similar vibe to Poltergeist 3, Queen Sally throwing one hissy fit after another, the colorful lighting, some of the fx are pretty inventive (and again, inspired a certain major blockbuster decades down the line) and I love the soundtrack.

    Oh how I miss my DVD collection from way back when, the mid-to-late noughties were truly the pinnacle of physical media for film, every single cult movie you could think of got elaborate, pristine collector's edition releases by Anchor Bay, Blue Underground, Shriek Show, Dark Sky Films, Grindhouse, Code Red Entertainment, Synapse and I had most of them and then sold them all in 2011 in a fit of wanting to go minimal. I could slap myself so hard for that. I spent an unhealthy amount of money at places like DVDSoon, Deepdiscount, dvdsat.it and CD-WOW. Importing titles like Cannibal Ferox, Maniac or Anthropophagous and having them be confiscated by customs was a trip and half back then.

    There are still a lot of great releases going high-def, but the buzz and fandom surrounding the cult releases seemed to have died down quite a bit as 70's/80's cult flics have become even more niche than they were in the first place and streaming services streamlined home-entertainment viewing habits. It was that breeding ground of discovering films you watched on second generation bootleg pan&scan VHS tapes for the first time on film negative-sourced DVD releases in their proper aspect ratio that led to a movie like Grindhouse getting made in the first place.

    I suppose the Grindhouse-era films feel to 16-year olds now the same way that 50's and 60's black&white Horror and Sci-Fi films felt to me when I was that age. An era of film that I personally never could get into.
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  4. I think I will watch Grindhouse tonight now. I remember being so unbelievably perched at the time when the cast was revealed. Mary Elizabeth, Rose, Marley, Tracie - I was geeking out. I remember being fairly disappointed with both at the time, but revisited a few years ago and loved them.
  5. Uno


    I could listen to those Death Proof girls talk for hours. The diner scene and the bar scenes of just pure dialogue were the best parts for me. I love Grindrhouse.
  6. This whole post is superb. Though I was never really into the more extreme movies like anything Cannibal...

    Forthcoming releases like Vinegar Syndrome's Forgotten Gialli set still make me fizz with excitement I must admit.
  7. This is a whole other movie!
  8. I watched April Fool's Day. Looks great and it's still entertaining.

    I just wish somewhere on the disc they referenced the original third act...
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  9. Demons 2 was actually kinda that bitch. I honestly liked it almost as much as the original. Die Hard but make it demon-ey! Great effects, atmosphere, action scenes, the leading man was STUNNING and ran around the entire third act with his shirt unbottoned plus the gym folk vs demons was everything. The director literally said I'm going to give the gays everything they want!

    Is Part 3 any good?
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  10. III has nothing to do with the first two sadly.
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  11. The interview with the actress who played the sassy/likes sex girl references it a bit. It's a fun little flick as is but definitely is missing a little something to make it a true classic.
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  12. It is a true classic.
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  13. A Quiet Place 2 now has a September 24th release date
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  14. Hmm a few too many bros and too little atmosphere to really rank up there for me. I wouldn't even put it in the top 10 slashers of the 80's alone.
  15. It’s not a Top 10 slasher, it might be Top 2 of 1986 though.
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  16. Sydney Tamiia Poitier's Jungle Julia is a fucking star.
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  17. I'm not a Tarantino fan by any means but Death Proof is my favourite thing he's ever done.
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  18. Haunt was good.
    I loved the killers and wished we'd gotten more of them fighting, the gore (the hammer), just a couple of plot mishaps (like the fate of the best friend) but all in all, solid fun.
  19. It is a lot of fun, especially the second half.

    Also, didn't American Horror Story 1984 basically rip off Charles Bernstein's score??
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