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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I saw Swallow recently! I was a bit whelmed by it, I feel like it never quite goes there with its premise, and it loses itself a bit towards the second half of the film - up until Denis O'Hare's character appears. Hayley Bennett's fantastic, though, and it's visually stunning!

    All in all, it's a nice watch but nothing mindblowing.
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  2. I mean, looking at him purely as a visual director, I feel like Ari Aster is currently unparalleled. The imagery, the angles, the framing, the set-pieces, the costumes, the colours, the hidden details. Every second of every frame was meticulously planned and just stunning to look at.

    And then I just love how uncomfortable he wants you to feel throughout. The raw performances, the unsettling soundtrack, the way he makes you go from wanting to nervously laugh to then wanting to wretch in repulsion.

    I find his manipulation of sound particularly interesting. There were moments when I was watching it, where very little was happening on screen, yet my heart rate had doubled purely due to something happening in the soundtrack.

    The only issue I’ve had with both this and Hereditary has been some of the pacing. But even then, it sort of plays into the whole surreal dream-like quality of the whole package.
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  3. Watched Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 the other night. I have always enjoyed this movie. That crazy possessed horse with the tongue. Making out with her dad. The extra religious mom. Also the scene with the microphone seen at the top. Has some cool effects in it for its time as well. I just wish it wasnt a VHS quality stream on Amazon. I wish one of the boutique labels would get a hold of this.

    It’s also interesting how it was supped to be its own title and they just slapped Prom Night on there.
  4. I gave The New Kids a first time watch directed by Sean S. Cunningham and starring James Spader and future college frauder Lori Loughlin. Full of amazingly cheesy 80's montages overall it was just ok. The final battle was pretty entertaining.
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  5. I just saw this last year and had just heard about it. Gigantic cheese-fest but I enjoyed it.
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  6. I’m on episode 7 of Castle Rock season 2 and it’s a mess and it’s not scary. Don’t waste your time.
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  7. Whilst watching the dinner table scene the sound started to become muffled. Several voices started talking over each other as I sat thinking ‘this is arty’
    Ten minutes later I realised Netflix had just popped on in the background & I had two videos playing at once.
  8. Apparently there are rights issues with this title. I thought Synapse would reissue it since they did the original.

    I loved Lisa Schrage as Mary Lou. She reminds me a bit of Madonna. Queen.
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  9. Prom Night 2 is fantastic.

  10. Saw a lot of good things online about The Blackcoat’s Daughter but I was thoroughly bored throughout. I feel like I just watched a movie with absolutely no story. Plus points were that it had a great score & Kiernan Shipka stole every scene that she was in. Emma Roberts remains dull. Literally the only thoughts that I have about this.
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  11. The worst part for me was Emma Roberts and Kiernan
    playing the same character.
    I loved the overall atmosphere and tension but the "payoff" of all of that was nonexistent for me.
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  12. Blackcoat's Daughter is a brilliant slow burn and I thought everyone did a solid job even Emma.

    the entire thing of the movie about being about loss but someone so upset about the loss...of Satan is really unnerving. Also the fact that it was decapitation to appease the evil is disturbing.
  13. That car scene with Emma and that couple still fills me with unease. The sound effects. ma'am.
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  14. BlackCoat Daughter is Brilliant.

    It’s definitely a mood piece. Reminds me of Amenabar’s The Others. Atmosphere and etc.
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  15. The ending of The Blackcoat’s Daughter is one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen.
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  16. I'm watching Ma for the first time and I thought it would be all psychological and creepy throughout, I did not know it would end up like this!
  17. BTG


    Those two little kids in The Others were a pair of annoying little shits, weren’t they?
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  18. I would be an annoying little shit too if I was locked in a house with my crazy mother and never allowed outside. Hits a bit too close to home right now.
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  19. Pretty much.
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  20. The transfers used online are bad ones that either came from the Canadian prints or the ones Echo Bridge used from a bad VHS rip for their cheap release. The best scan comes from the MGM DVD that has long been out of print now. It's one of my favorite horror films and I've been one of the loudest voices begging Shout Factory to release it but as said there's been right issues. MGM owned it for a bit before Echo somehow acquired it for years to release alongside the Miramax Halloween sequels and other cheap six pack movie sets until their licensing ended. The latest release was a Prom Night collection 3 pack where the quality is terrible. Since then, it's not been touched. I contacted Synapse that did the original and they more along the lines said they wanted to do the second but either poor sales or some interference prevented it and they had no idea whom owns the rights. Shout gets shut down a lot. The mystery is if a cheap label like Echo Bridge can get it, why can't these boutique labels that have the cash and resources for bigger titles do it? It's all so odd but I hope one day it gets treated with respect.

    Lisa Schrage did a convention in Canada recently and she's still just as gorgeous as ever!

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