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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silverspirit, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. The DVD arrived last week.

    It's still on the shelf, unopened. We're scared of it.
  2. At the ricsk of sounding like an uneducated buffon, this film fucked me up for a week, be careful.
  3. This movie fucking grossed ME out. I think it was the whole shotgun bits, because I am very sensitive to that subject. I walked out. I wish I didn't though. I can't wait for the sequal now that Rachel Stevens is rumored to be signed on.
  4. Rachel Stevens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are kidding!
  5. it was the eye that freaked me out.
  6. I adore horror movies but I think there's a line and 'Hostel' might cross it. There's no sense in violence for the sake of violence and I don't really rate Eli Roth or Tarantino. 'Cabin Fever' wasn't that great at all.

    Bring back the cheesefests of the early 80's!!
  7. Cabin Fever sucked ass.

    The fingering scene was fucking sick. I was so pissed at that movie
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one to be disgusted and disturbed by what I saw of this movie (link there from The hills have eyes thread - I walked out of the cinema just after drilling/slashing first grisly part since I actually felt I was going to be sick. To qualify that, I've never felt that way before, I'm not particularly squeamish and things like Saw and the aforementioned The hills have eyes didn't make me feel nauseous, but this did...).

    Anyway, the DVD has been opened, the unseen edition, true to its name, I've not seen it and don't intend to... I respect my brain and my mind and think that this film would probably damage it in some way.

    Tommy, however, sat through it the other day with no ill effects it would appear. He said that because it wasn't at the cinema, it was less affecting. After he came out of the cinema in the glittering hotspot that is Eastbourne, he couldn't drive for quarter of an hour for shaking...

    Bad, bad film!
  9. I watched it alone at my place and I enjoyed it to bits.
    I like horror movies and certainly this one has some of the most splicit scenes I have ever seen (the one of the eye is really nasty).

    Besides the gore side, the most scary thing for me about the film is the fact that people pay to torture and they enjoy doing it
  10. You enjoyed it? ...but... how?!

    There's just no way I'm watching that film ever again. (Not that I watched the full thing last time, of course.)

    Brrrrr! (As per someone walking over one's grave.)
  11. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    I quite enjoyed it too, and didn't find it to be especially gratuitous, certainly not to the level I had been told to expect. Obviously there were some scenes that were quite nasty, the blow torch to the eye being quite uncomfortable. I watched it yesterday along with House Of Wax, and I actually had a harder time watching the end of House Of Wax, the close up of the killer being repeatedly twatted across the face with the baseball bat was a lot worse than a fair bit of the gore in Hostel and left me feeling much more shocked than the majority of Hostel did!
  12. I love that part at the end of House of Wax. Finally, someone gets to go apeshit on the guy who has murdered her best friends and how! To be honest, if placed in a similar situation in real life (unlikely I know) I'd probably do the same.

    Eli Roth on the other hand, can go suck it. His whole graphic approach to horror is 180 degrees away from what I enjoy in those pictures. (and I do loves me some horror) I don't mind a bit of gore if used judiciously, but it's the tone of his movies that I hate. There's a line of sadism in all horror and that's fine but he crosses way over what I want to see.
  13. I like horror too. People I've been talking to about this (not that I campaign on the streets or anything) have told me that their impression is that I'm a bit phobic of the whole gore thing, but i had no trouble watching House of Wax or Saw or indeed Saw 2 with all its bloody nastiness, I'll happily sit through that, but there was something more disturbing in Hostel that turned my stomach and made me think it was all a bit too much.
  14. I didn't find this film particularly affecting if I'm honest. I really like my horrors, and I was really looking forward to this, but I found it a bit dull and predictable to be honest. The only really horrid bit was the bit with the eye - NASTY.

    Compared to 'Wolf Creek', this is a walk in the park...
  15. "Wolf Creek" is a walk in the park no-one should ever have to take. That's the closest I've ever come to walking out on a movie, and the most offended I've ever been by one. Having the misfortune to see it in the same week as "Revolver" pretty much ensures that I will never have a cinema-going week that bad ever again.
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