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Hot Chip - Freakout/Release (8th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by moorje, Apr 19, 2022.

  1. New album out 19th August:


    1 Down
    2 Eleanor
    3 Freakout/Release
    4 Broken
    5 Not Alone
    6 Hard To Be Funky feat. Lou Hayter
    7 Time
    8 Miss The Bliss
    9 The Evil That Men Do feat. Cadence Weapon
    10 Guilty
    11 Out Of My Depth

    The first single already sounds like a classic, built around a sample of More Than Enough by Universal Together Band:

  2. K94


    Album of the summer, I fear - Down is so good! They're always great with lead singles.
  3. They're so reliable with just bringing out a couple of great bops every album era.
  4. Ooh, a Lou Hayter feature!
  5. I just got my ticket for Brixton in September. Though it doesn't look like they're doing any tour dates outside of London yet?
  6. There's a Glasgow date as well, not that it does me much good.
  7. I’m glad the artwork isn’t shit this time around.
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  8. Down sounds INCREDIBLE!
  9. I prefer Ecstasy’s artwork…
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  10. With that font? No thank you ma’am.
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  11. The album art work reminds me of Kate Gibb's designs for Surrender by Chemical Brothers. It's clean and effective.

    "Down" is...good. I need to play it more tbh.
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  12. They're playing Down a lot during the F1 races and it's really such a good song.
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  13. New single out today, it's so fucking good.
    2/2 for me

  14. I’m genuinely loving the title track! It reminds me a little of Jamiroquai.
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