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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Leopold, May 1, 2021.

  1. Brilliant episode - the building they've been doing so far with layer on layer of resentment and confinement and manipulation and loss and vulnerability is immense. As expected the very excellent Cooke and D'Arcy delivered towering powerhouse performances that made the transition of actresses near seamless.

    The pieces are all falling into place for what's to come.
  2. Aemma's death drives the stories of the two female characters more than it does any male, though: it leads to Alicent's rise to Queen and Rhaenyra being chosen as heir. What they could have done a better job of explorin was how it affected Rhaenyra's view of motherhood and marriage.

    My take away from Laena's death is that she didn't want to die like Aemma and therefore took the situation into her own hands. The fact that's the extent of her agency in that situation is what makes it even more tragic. In an interview, one of the producers has said that he wished they could have spent more time on her. Her death certainly would have benefited from seeing more of her.
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  3. I mean, the entire spark for GOT was based off of Ned Stark reading a historical pedigree of the houses of Westeros and the physical attributes appointed to them and realizing Cersei’s kids were Lannister blonde and not Baratheon black, and deciding what that MUST mean and cornered Cersei.
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  4. I loved this episode. The new actresses are everything, it seems like they were always here. And even though I agree they are clearly rushing through a lot of stuff, the scene of that character dying still hit!

    I do hate how Criston Cole killing Joffrey had no consequences. There was no one to stop him while he was punching someone to death in a wedding but the minute he takes a hit there were 4 guards stopping Harwin Strong? Ok...
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  5. Not only that but Criston remains in his position yet Harwin was removed for doing much less? For those who have read the book, is that true to story?
  6. Why did Laena burn? She is still half a Targaryen. Or was that not enough?
  7. I was ready to hate the show now that they've changed my girls, but honestly? That whole episode had me


    I'm reading it as... it was her decision to be burned or something? Even Vhagar was like girl, wtf? but I think he ended up understanding her pain and following through.
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  8. The dragon pit scenes were equally amazing and scary.
  9. The show kinda fucked this up but Targaryens do burn, the Daenerys season 1 finale was an unique event.
  10. Sam


    What about in Vaes Dothrak?
  11. Yeah this is why I mentioned the show kinda fucked up dddd. I guess in Game of Thrones they did want Daenerys to be fireproof but on House of the Dragon we see that's not the case.
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  12. Ok I was just confused cause Daemon flew through the fire as if it was nothing ddd.
  13. Why did she choose to burn though? This is where the breakneck pace fails us, we hardly spent any time with her or Harwin. I only recognized him for breaking up the fight last episode and suddenly he was Rhaenyra's baby daddy?
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  14. She was going to die regardless. She wanted to go out heroically and dramatically, not carved up tragically.
  15. Daemon, unlike his brother, denied carving her up though.
  16. But he didn’t really answer, did he? She took the matter in her own hands when she realised what was going on: she couldn’t give birth to their child and she was going to die no matter what, so better die like a dragon-rider (I guess?).
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  17. Catching up on the last episode... how is the king still alive. He's giving Prince Philip
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  18. I think he nodded no when he was asked but she probably understood she was doomed either way since they couldn't get the baby out. What a shame, she was such a good character.
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  19. mm that was some good ass food! Made up for last week's snoozer.
  20. Catching up with the episode 5. Wig at the Queens entrance…. Following that, the engagement dance with 500 storylines being told by the end of it…episode 4 must have been an anomaly.
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