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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. Why is it so aggressively bad?

    I didn't watch any Housewives until this year and I've now churned through Bev Hills and NYC. On an old season I heard the exact instrumental for one of the album tracks off Kylie's Disco. Truly a sad indictment for both parties...

    Even though I enjoy present-day Kyle a lot more than in the old seasons - she's that one white girl that thinks she's giving the gays everything they want but doesn't realise meme-able faces are only magic when they're unintentional.
  2. The music is giving me Bad Girls Club vibes.

    This is gold so far. The one liners are killing me.
  3. This has been miles better than I expected and has me excited for the future of this. There are so many different ways this could go. I also love that these women are so talented that you can get 7 episodes out of one trip. I know many were underwhelmed by this group, but together they are powerful.

    My thoughts on the ladies:

    Teresa - She's lowkey on this series and is more vulnerable and likable. You can tell she's not used to be people being genuinely nice to her and interested in her life. It's interesting seeing her this way. I feel like I've learned more about her here than on the show in recent years. She benefitted from not being on RHONJ where she is the alpha and so critical to the drama.

    Melissa - I know many are upset she's there, but she was necessary. She's Teresa's best foil and I enjoyed her getting called out for how she got on the show. She also is benefitting from the different women being there and has chemistry with everybody.

    Kyle - The flop of the series. It's been said that the Beverly Hills ladies couldn't survive on other franchises and this proves it. Kyle is out of her depth and you could tell she was stunned when Cynthia called her out on her insecure shit-stirring.

    Cynthia - She's proving why she needs to be relocated to Beverly Hills. Cynthia is called boring and safe, but she's a GREAT housewife who happens to be on a show with a bunch of other great HWs. It's nice seeing her hold a more important role and stirring up the drama.

    Kenya - The star, the beauty! She is coming off SO well! Everybody was worried about her, but she is quite enjoyable to be around as long as you aren't Ramona. I love how well she's coming across and how well she's getting along with the other ladies.

    Ramona - The other star! I don't care what anybody says, Ramona is one of the best and she's proving it here. She's an absolute nightmare, but she doesn't come off mean spirited to me. She's just incredibly self centered. She has been a JOY and I wish she could be on every season of this so she can torment people over rooms.

    Luann - She isn't giving too much, but her beauty is enough.
  4. I’m betting it sounds similar because the Kylie track could have used a sample from a sample pack which the music people for the series also used. RHONY used the same various stems that I Wanna Go by Britney Spears used. There’s also a track on OC and maybe BH that sounds like Baby Shark… not sure if that’s the same thing though.
  5. Cynthia and Kenya were asked about this on WWHL. It sounds like they’re friendship has been permanently changed but they both said that they had conversations off camera and they’re friends again. Just that the dynamic has permanently been altered
  6. The amount of RHONY flashbacks we’re getting... Nobody does cast trips like the New York girls.

    I love seeing Luann back at her best. Even though it’s a completely different show it gives me hope for RHONY 3.0.

    But my favorite thing about this so far is the love for Kenya literally *everywhere* you look. And to top it all off, she looks more beautiful than ever.
  7. Episode 4 is up on Peacock!
  8. Thats surprising considering they were just on Kelly Clarksons show talking about how they’re friends?

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  9. I mean, she didn't say they had fallen out or anything. Just that the dynamic had changed, she has respect/love for her but they aren't close in that way now. She also said they won't sink to dogging each other out in the press.
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  10. How funny - I remember hearing that “I Wanna Go” music while watching and thinking it was the same but I guess I assumed RHONY had just bought an I Wanna Go ripoff music pack or something, not that it was the same stems. Thanks for sharing.
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  11. Okay agreed that the music is rotted but I am obsessed with the tacky Housewives in the island theme song.
  12. I think the theme song is HILARIOUS
  13. Ok, but Maurice loooks so hot sat on that bed in episode 1, I wouldn't ever be able to leave him (or let him stop fucking me)
    "You wanna get a Manolo in your eyeball???"
  14. Edu


    I knew that sooner or later, after all these years, this day would come: I don't think Ramona being an insufferable, ignorant, deranged monster on TV is fun anymore.

    But the other ladies have been very entertaining and the theme song is a 2003 bop. Housewives in the island, BABY!
  15. Oh wow this show is really it, isn't it? So much fun. The editing is serving Ang Lee's Hulk movie but I'm living for it.

    "What about the Scarecrow comment?" And I--
  16. Kyle breaking out into “waking up in the morning, thinking about so many things” had me ROLLING! And some of y’all like to claim she’s never had an iconic moment before.
  17. Have you gotten to episode four yet? Salacious Mauricio content ahead!
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  18. Ramona clearly has the aux lead for the season soundtrack… she loves ree-gay
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  19. I don't really get the fawning over that Michael guy (from Lu, Ramona or you lot...) because he leaves me drier than the Sahara, but how Green to the Game was I that I didn't even realise the villa staff on these vacations are cast actors!

    So every rich white looking "hotelier" on these shows was an actor? Or just the ones that feature prominently in numerous scenes?
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