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How diverse is your group of friends?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Princeuk, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Me and my diverse group of friends

  2. They are all stoners with mutual disregard for pretty much everything. I feel like we're not that close anymore but like to get together and smoke and talk about how sad we are. I wish i was being ironic.
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  3. I have a lot of friends. I realise I'm actually pretty lucky (and grateful that I'm evidently likeable enough and click with people in real life).

    In Edinburgh my friend group Edinburgh friend group of which none are students. So virtually exclusively caucasian bar literally one or two (who aren't close really). When I lived in London and Hong Kong, my friend groups were quite obviously, much more diverse. Ethnicity, economic background, culture, relgion, sexuality etc. Edinburgh is just a little more...homogenous. But all these people across the world are still my friends. So depends what you're counting.

    I was having this chat with friends recently about how I generally get on with/have more in common with/seek out male friendship (gay, realistically). Some of my strongest friendships are with a few select women who are ride or die types, but like...3. All from school or first year. I think going to an all boys school (girls in final year) really made me male-focused. I have VERY little to chat to most girls I meet about, on that surface, at-a-party, level. Or it's rarely lead to genuine strong friendships, I should say. Whereas I have a lot of gay male mates, and a fair amount of straight male friends I've kept since I was in primary school. Men, y'know?

    I have worked almost exclusively with women for majority of career though - when (straight) men have been present I felt that atmosphere shift. Interesting how I balance my life.
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  4. It pains me that you can't buy this as a poster.
  5. You living in Edinburgh currently? I'm in Glasgow myself and I have always found glasgow to be more diverse even though Edinburgh is the capital.

    What you studying in Edinburgh? I would have thought it would be easier for you to be with woman from what you say.
  6. I'm from here, studied in London, graduated 5 years ago (JESUS). I just live here again. Glasgow is 10 times more diverse than Edinburgh, yep. Edinburgh has the mentality of a very pretty town.
  7. I found that as well Edinburgh has small minded approach at times even though there is the fringe festival held there that is hugely popular and people from all over the world go there, when it comes to staying in Scotland permanently people might choose glasgow.

    How was your experience in the big bad world of lonDon?
  8. Oooh wait I got a good one

  9. Well I don't really have many friends (I think I'm quite hard to get along with). My best friend is mixed race and I'm caucasian blond bla bla so there's a bit of diversity. Not that our cultures are any different other than both being messy drunks.
  10. I got a blonde friend, a ginger one, I'm the token middle-eastern, there are polish ones and russians among our close-knit group, girls with kurdish and turkish backgrounds, a girl whose father's from lithuania, a spanish guy from gibraltar which is kinda british, we're all everything, gay, straight, mentally abled and challenged, poor, that diverse? I don't necessarily think you should rate diversity by the colour of your skin. I kinda have the feeling that had my group of friends been brought up in the U.S. we'd all would have ended up the same (melting pot), even though we wouldn't look like each other (university leaflet), whereas since we're in the EU we all have kept our very own ethnic identities. Or am I completely wrong in assuming that?
  11. The US likes to pretend it’s a melting pot. It’s a nice way of saying they want “others” to assimilate to ... American exceptionalism and whiteness I guess. There are certainly communities who keep their own identities – but we also follow the “university leaflet” model of diversity.
  12. How can you be the token middle eastern person if there are Kurds and Turks in your group of friends?
  13. I don’t really have a ‘group’, I just have friends that I see on a one to one basis, which I prefer as I can sometimes feel a bit lost in a group of people. All my friends are white, apart from one girl who is black. I think the only diverse thing about my friends are the age range which go from my age (22) to 40s which is mostly down to dating/meeting older guys that were better suited to be friends with in the end. Saying all that though, I don’t have a lot of friends because I’m still trying to figure out how to make friends in adult life without being in a forced environment like school or college.
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    This is the best one.
  15. I... feel like I'm way too picky with friends. While I do have several, it's more like meet up once in a while and stuff, and I don't feel comfortable telling them everything. On the other hand I always find it hard to make friends.
  16. In the words of Linda la Hughes

    Phone a friend? Phone a friend? What if you ain't got any friends?
  17. 2014

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  18. this best describes myself and my friends teebs
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  19. I have zero heterosexual friends.
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