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How Do You Get Tickets For Eurovision?

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Baby Clyde, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. I have a very big birthday coming up next year and have decided to spend it 'doing stuff'!!!

    One thing I really want to do is go to Eurovision. Have meant to do so for years but have never got round to it. I'm now planning ahead to make sure another year doesn't pass without me going but am not sure what the procedure is.

    Have been told you have to join the fan club or something but not sure which one and if that guarantees you tickets.

    If anyone who knows about this stuff can give me some advise would be much appreciated.
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  2. Charley (from the forum) and I went to Eurovision last year. We bought tickets through the online seller when they were available to the public. With everyone going in at the same time, we ended up only being able to get seats behind the stage with an obstructed view, but there was a big screen right above us that showed everything (the live broadcast). It was awesome even being in the arena regardless.

    We didn't do any fan club stuff, so I can't speak to that but I'm sure another Eurovision subforum regular might know something.

    It looks like the first wave of tickets went on sale to the general public on 29 November, and they are listed as sold out on the official ticket site. However, on the Eurovision website, they claim that more tickets will go on sale 31 January and then the final batch in April.

    Lastly, also according to the Eurovision website, if you sign up to the waiting list, you get access to a presale prior to the next round of tickets. I'm not sure if it's the waiting list on the first link I posted though (where it says "JuryFinal, FamilyFinal and Final are Sold Out. Sig up for the Waitinglist here").

    Good luck!
  3. I love you!!!
  4. All booked :-)
  5. Fantastic! Are you going to the final, the semifinals, or what? Copenhagen is an amazing city.
  6. URGHH!!!!

    Have Semi 2 tickets and spent the last 2 days in the presale trying to get others with no luck (Clearly there are only about 100 tickets being sold that way).

    Was up early this morning and managed to get tickets for the final :-)

    Only for the confirmation to arrive and what I've actually got is tickets for the 1st Semi??? I have no idea how that happened. It's certainly not what I chose. We're not even in the country then :-(

    So it seems we're going to the 2nd Semi and then will have to use our considerable blagging skills to sort something else out.

    Knowing us we'll probably end up on stage singing back up for Azerbaijan.
  7. I'm so jealous of you all, I've always wanted to go to eurovision but living in North America makes it extra difficult lol
    Maybe next year?
    Copenhagen sounds really nice though.
  8. I lucked out making forum friends with European credit cards. It would have basically been impossible otherwise for me to get there, as the ticket sites don't accept cards from outside of Europe (at least any time I've looked). My USA credit card is perfectly valid though I promise! Grumble!!

    Baby Clyde to represent UK, you're guaranteed to get to the final that way!
  9. And score WAY more points than the usual entry
  10. So people is anyone else going?

    Does anyone have any advice on stuff we shouldn't or how to make the very best of our Eurovision experience (We will of course be hunting down Johnny Logan & Bobbysocks).
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