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How I Met Your Father

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by jamesmax, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. Not sure what this says and it won't load the tweet.
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  2. I just finished watching the 2 episodes and it was just as charming as I was expecting. Hilary was obviously the highlight, she’s great in this.

  3. Rob


    Between Hilary, Layton and Kim this show's casting has been like a wet dream.
  4. Watched the first couple episodes and it's cute. It made me laugh. And I'm already feeling connected to the characters. Excited to see where it goes, but also worried they'll drag out the story season after season.
    On the brightside, they confirmed that she met him that first night, so no worries about it being some random last minute guy. Obviously it's either Jesse or Ian, but I'm thinking it's Jesse.
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  5. So it looks like this will be finished or almost finished airing on Hulu before the rest of the world gets it.

    I wonder if Disney +/Star will release it all at once. Or do what they did with Dollface and still do it week by week.
  6. MB


    I tried but I just couldn’t finish the first episode. Not even Kim and Hilary could make it watchable. I just feel the whole canned laughter at appalling jokes doesn’t work anymore. Not for me anyway.
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  7. Yeah, this was aggressively awful. Embarrassing for everyone involved.
  8. I watched both episodes and it was… ok? I understand it’s keeping the whole format from the previous series but it would have been more interesting if they tried something different and switched to single cam for this. It would feel very different but it’d also open things up a bit. I also just get real tired of multi-cam shows with fake laugh tracks.
  9. I'm pretty sure this one has a hybrid format like the original had, where it's both single and multicam, but the laugh track on this one was pretty... jarring without any actual jokes to back it up. I definitely agree that a stylistic change would have helped set this one apart from HIMYM, especially as the showrunners have more experience doing dramas and dramedies like Love, Victor and This Is Us.

    One interesting tidbit about this one is that Emily Spivey was credited as a writer on the pilot. Emily wrote and was supposed to showrun the original How I Met Your Dad spinoff they tried to get off the ground in 2014 with Greta Gerwig. I wonder how much of that original script they kept for this one.
  10. I'll give this a watch when it airs here in the UK because I just like watching Hilary Duff. But I'm suprised they decided to keep the canned laugher format for this reboot. Multi-camera sitcomes with canned laugher are just so dated now. It would have been more interesting if they approached it the way Peacock have done with their reboots of Saved By The Bell and Fresh Prince.
  11. I really wanted to like it for Hilary but I’m gonna have to pass on this one. The format itself is a big wince and there’s nothing for the cast to really carry. The writing and composition just don’t set the cast up for success well.
  12. I thought this was exactly the sort of delightful cheese I was expecting. It most certainly is not good, but it's an enjoyable and comforting way to pass the time. It's perfectly in line with the original series, but with a shorter episode count and a more appealing cast - it's a 'win' for me.
  13. I really enjoyed it for what it is.
  14. Same. And it doesn't hurt that Chris Lowell is right there.
  15. Yeah, this was never going to break new ground or anything but the first two episodes were a really enjoyable watch.

    Though I myself tend to quite enjoy a basic ‘laugh track’ sitcom.
  16. I’m really enjoying the chemistry between Hilary and Chris. They’re both so darn likable.
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  17. This week's episode was the best one yet. Hilary is so cute in this.

    The Dirrty reference
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