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How I Met Your Father

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by jamesmax, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. I watched the four episodes and I’m not hooked on it yet but at times it is enjoyable. It kinda made me feel a bit nostalgic about How I Met Your Mother. I think I will keep watching because Hilary is always a treat.
  2. 2nd season and 20 episodes for a streaming show is unheard of. Hilary just keeps winning.

  3. 20 episodes will be too much, but I will be watching and great news for Hilary. I'm still really enjoying this, awful as it may be, but it certainly shouldn't have anything more than 10- maybe 12-episode seasons.
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  4. Just caught up on the last couple episodes and yup, still really enjoying this! Excited for the second season, though I agree it'll probably be too long.
    Also, Sid and Jesse are adorable!! We love platonic straight guy friends who can show affection for one another.
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  5. Hilary and Chris have the best chemistry. Sophie and Jesse better be endgame.

    Also, Jay Street needs to be on Spotify RIGHT NOW.
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  6. Uh, yeah, is Leighton gonna release that single?
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  7. This show is getting better as it goes on. I can't believe that season 1 is ending next week already.
  8. I gasped at the season finale! What a way to end the season.
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  9. Honestly, really enjoyed this season. The last two episodes were so good!!

    I feel bad for the guy playing Sophie's son, since he doesn't get to be credited.
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  10. It’s now streaming on Disney+ for the UK fans.
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  11. I saw this in the morning but then when I clicked on it to watch it said it’s not available in my country! I will try again later, hopefully it’s just a glitch.
  12. I have only watched episode one but I absolutely loved it. Kim being the older version of Hilary really worked and I already became invested in her character. I'm excited for more and am pleased they at least put the full season on. Too often even when we have had it delayed they still stagger the episodes.
  13. I’ve watched episode 1 and didn’t laugh once. Or even chuckle. Does it get better?
  14. I’m four episodes in and this show is charming as fuck.

    And, frankly, more adult than I was expecting. Did How I Met Your Mother have this many references to sex, or were they all just cut for daytime viewing on E4?
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  15. I think they just referenced smoking weed a lot rather than sex. Other than with Barney of course.
  16. I liked the first episode and intend to binge more tomorrow. The Brooklyn Bridge ending was lovely
  17. I think it does mention sex more than HIMYM, as in that show only Lily & Barney got to mention sex much.

    Chris Lowell - I have been seeing him in things for many years, the man barely ages.
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  18. He barely looks older than he did in Life as We Know It in 2004.
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