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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The Johnster, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. I saw a repeat the other day of the episode where Alan Thicke mentions that they were on a failed Canadian TV variety show together. So yeah, I'm waiting for that.

    I must say I was definitely AGAINST this show for some reason (might have the canned laugh track, it's 2010, come on) until around Series 3, when I finally realized what I was missing. Now I'm obsessed.
  2. My friend is obsessed with this, I don't quite see the fuss. It's got some good one-liners and I appreciate how stylised it is but I don't think Ted or Robin are particularly funny or likeable characters. It's also a bit predictable and formulaic. Not the best but not the worst either.
  3. I just can't seem to 'get' this show unfortunately, and I've given it plenty of chances! It feels very late-nineties somehow.

    I do think NPH is very good in it though </obligatory>
  4. I have watched about 4 episodes and not even cracked a smile once.
  5. In my opinion this is one of the best tv-shows. And I love Sandcastles In The Sand!
  6. I love this show. I've got into it really late so I'm really far behind everybody.
  7. well ... you would get botox ...
  8. It is one of my favourite comedy shows, but it isn't quite as funny as 30 Rock, Scrubs, South Park, or Friends.

    Still, I love it. And I'd watch anything with Alyson Hannigan.
  9. I tried watching this show once right after Britney appeared in her guest stint and I could not for the life of me keep my eyes open! Zzzzz.
  10. I agree. The worst thing about it is the lead character (the short guy with the dark hair). He has to be the most irritating, bland lead character in the history of sitcoms.
  11. I'd agree that it he is a boring character but while the show is suppsed to be about him, the magic of it is from the supporting leads (particularly Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris in my opinion, although Cobie Smulders and Jason Segel are amazing too) and the guest stars (eg Britney who was incredible, J-Lo etc)...
  12. I too agree. Ted is really the weakest link, the supporting cast are all stellar in my opinion.
  13. Cobie Smulders?! What is it about our American friends and their inability to name their children correctly?
  14. Canadian. If you watched the show on a regular basis, this would be funny.
  15. Anyone still watching this? I love how the season finale leads to something new for next season.
  16. I love the show, have the first 6 seasons on DVD. I am really excited with how the season 7 finale was such a game-changer, but I kinda hope that year eight is the final year.

    Seasons 1-5 are flawless - literally, one of the best comedy series ever made. However, I feel like they kinda dropped the ball in the past two years, particularly this year. I feel like Ted is quite a frustrating character to watch now, and sometimes the excessive emotion drowns out any comedy, or the comedy is plain falling flat. Maybe, I'm just overly critical, but it's hard not to be given how amazing the first five seasons are.

    I still roar with laughter at Robin Sparkles, "YOUSONOFABITCH" and my personal favourite, Hunchback Lily.
  17. I think there was a drop in quality in the more recent episodes, and yeah I agree with Ted being frustrating to watch. I wanted to slap him in the face in pretty much every other episode. I think season 8 will be the beginning of the end.
  18. I've only recently got obsessed with this and now I'm having to go back to the start and watch in chronological order.. I need the box sest!!
  19. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    So I watched some episodes on E4 and loved it, then I want to start from the beginning and I got bored really quickly. Ah well.
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