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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The Johnster, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. The latest season was the worst but the season finale was actually an end where we don't really know a new season.
  2. I actually think this show is quite the gem. The continuity is SO damn good. Whatever process the writers have going should be thought to other writing teams ASAP. The gimmicks are eye rolling but still clever and the chemistry between the characters makes ridiculous situations more plausible or something.

    Anyway the final season is nearly here and I'm catching up on missed episodes.I've never wanted to see a final episode of a show this much.
  3. The continuity is massively admirable, I don't know how the writers keep track of it all. I think the first five seasons are comedy gold, but the show has really dragged for the last two seasons - I feel I'm watching out of habit and desire to see the ending, and not actual enjoyment. It makes sense that there is so much filler and repetition though since it was intended to end at Season 7.
  4. I have low expectations for the new season. We actually have already seen everything (we even know how he will meet her and what she looks like) but of course I will be there watching it every week.
  5. Well in the US Monday (and UK Tuesday for us streaming it) it is TIME. The finale of 'HIMYM' and Ted will finally meet the mother. Rejoice. It actually looks like the episode will be brilliant and not the crap we've had to put up with for the past few years.

    Last clip is my favourite!
  6. I'm not sure if I am ready for this show to end (even though the last seasons were weak)...
  7. The first half of Season 9 has been a cruel and unusual form of torture, but it's slowly improving as we get closer to the end. I hope the finale delivers.
  8. Series finale! Tomorrow! Finally I can put an end to this shit.
  9. Rob


    This season has been horrific but I'm quite sad that this is coming to an end, especially as I think it's going to be a very bittersweet ending if the clues dropped in recent episodes are anything to go by.
  10. For years, this was a show I always meant to get round to watching. But the fact they've dragged it out for nine seasons, plus multiple reports that it's become a chore to watch, has put me off forever.
  11. You should definitely watch it - the first 5 or 6 seasons are really funny.

    Clues? Which clues?
  12. The fact that Ted teared up at the Mother's comment of "what kind of woman doesn't show up to her own daughter's wedding?" implies that she may die in the future. It could be a red herring though.
  13. Oh, I remember that, hopefully this is not going to happen - they can't end the show like that!
  14. kal


    I am happy and sad that it's all ending tonight. This season has made me tear up more than it should have, but all is forgiven.

    How I Met Your Mother shall be missed.
  15. Well, I for one think that this season has been pretty damn great. Much better than the last two or three. Very creative, with its own ongoing jokes like William Zabka's appearances or Lily's never-ending refills.

    People have been so hyperbolic about this show for most of its life, anyway. Every year from season three onwards you would read that it was the worst season ever, and suddenly everybody thought that the previous one was part of 'the heydays.'
  16. What an absolutely abysmal ending that has left an awful taste in my mouth that I'll never get rid of. Fuck you, creators of the show.
  17. How I Met Your Step Mother

    How I Met The Woman I Actually Loved And The Other Woman I Just Used To Get Children

    What a bad finale. Such a shame. I enjoyed this show, and while the quality was a bit shaky the last few seasons it still deserved better than that. The divorce made the final season more or less a colossal waste of time. I can't believe they just killed off the mother so Ted could get with Robin... Ted was always a frustrating and annoying character, and that finale made me dislike him even more. The pacing of the whole thing was horrendous, too. Ted and Robin didn't work as a couple.

    I find it hilarious that fans are defending the finale by saying "but it's realistic! you expected a lame cookie cutter Hollywood ending, but this is real life!". Talk about living with the glass half empty, real life ain't that bad, folks.

    Edit: Also did the kids really not like their mother? Their reactions to the end of the story seemed so insensitive.
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  18. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I don't think I've ever met a fan of this show that wanted Ted and Robin together. What an idiotic decision. Shame. I'm pretty sure this will damage the show's legacy.

    I mean, there's a reason Ross and Rachel ended up together. People want what they want, and what they wanted here was Barney and Robin, Ted and the Mother.
  19. The show lasted nine years, and we'd been under the impression that Ted and Robin didn't work, only for the writers to be too clever for their own good by pulling this rubbish. Tracy (even her name doesn't fit at all) was the character we'd waited eight years to meet under the belief that she would finally be the one to make Ted happy. We as the audience, and Ted, had earned the happy ending, and they systematically destroyed everything they worked towards with Barney, Robyn, Ted and Tracy.

    Perhaps Ted ending up with Robin would've worked if the show had only lasted a few seasons, but they'd evolved past that and it seems like poor writing to try and "stick to their guns" when the characters have moved on. Christ we even had an episode earlier this season all about Ted finally moving on from Robin.
  20. But she did make Ted happy and gave him two kids? We just didn't get to share their happiness because it was in short scenes in one season.
    I doubt Ted and Robin would have worked if they got together earlier because like Barney, Ted didn't want to travel all the time etc.

    I don't think that the finale was that bad - they just put too much stuff in one hour, they could have used that material for at least 4-5 episodes. Probably then everyone would have been happier.

    Cobie Smuders about the finale:
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