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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The Johnster, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. I don't know why a lot of people are taking this as an insult to the mother. I just see it as if she was the right person for Ted to settle down and start a family, and Robin was simply someone who has always shared a strong bond with him. They care for each other, so why not get together at a moment they are both available?

    I mean, this whole 'love of his life' is a too restrictive concept. Robin would've probably made Ted unhappy if she had chosen him instead of Barney. She would have had the same distant life, always focused on her work, that she had with Barney which was the complete opposite of what Ted wanted.

    I also think the portrayal of the mother makes sense considering it's the tale a father is telling to his kids...he presents her as the most perfect person in the world, while also stating that their 'aunt Robin' is a very special person for him too. And even though she was obviously not the right woman for him a those various stages of his life, maybe now it would be the right moment for them. He is saying how special Robin is for him, while trying to be completely respectful to the mother as well.

    This also proves the point that no finale is ever going to please everyone: people were angry when Barney got together with Robin because it didn't fit his personality and they are angry now because he stayed true to his nature; And they also get angry when writers make the ending of some shows along the road, but also now when they have stayed true to the one they envisioned from the very beginning (the scene with the kids was recorded during season 2).

    I just think the story makes sense, and it has made one hell of a funny sitcom. I will miss the show.
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  2. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I can't believe how long this programme has been on. I first heard about it in 2011 when it took over from Friends repeats.
  3. Perfectly written, DoggySwami.

    This was actually the first show where I was really involved in it...even till the end. It feels weird and sad no matter how bad some episodes where. It will be missed.
  4. I personally haven't watched the finale as of yet but from what I can see it's a great twist but still a happy ending. The way I see it, the writers are staying true to the title, but the ultimate ending is a nice little twist and gives what viewers have been wanting for so long - Ted and Robin. Technically, Ted is and has been telling the story of 'How I Met Your Mother' all along, right until the end where it fast forwards to the future. Robin isn't the mother, but the start of another story.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but the large majority of fans were getting increasingly sick of Ted and Robin, especially when they kept spending episodes on him getting over her.
  6. The details of the finale could have worked if spread over a few more episodes, and the characters didn't lose pretty much all their character development to that point. Really poorly executed. It doesn't make sense to stick to an ending envisioned years ago when the show itself grew to contradict that ending.

    Robin and Barney were particularly depressing in the finale. Robin didn't seem happy for literally YEARS until Ted shows up.

    Everything could have been done so much better.
  7. Sam


    I wish I'd watched this.
  8. The finale was an utter let-down for me.

    I assumed that the finale would be a big pay-off, given how much this final season dragged. It was bizarre to see about five seconds of the actual wedding reception, and to spend the rest of the episode flash forwarding. They should have spread those scenes across the season, because for some reason, this just felt lethargic. Barney and Robin breaking up so flippantly, given how long they spent getting together just cheapened the last two seasons of plot progression. Barney becoming redeemed in the end by knocking up a floozy was not emotional, it was just cringe-worthy. Robin and Ted finally getting together would have perhaps had greater emotional resonance if we hadn’t time and time again seen that they don’t work well together as a couple. Even the Mother’s death struggled to be emotional, because she was rendered almost to the role of extra in the final episode. If she had been the focus of the finale, Ted telling his kids this story would have been so much more heartfelt, instead of being what so many people have rightfully said just feels like “How I Met Your Step-Mom”.

    I could go on. This was just a mess.
  9. FUCK YOU 'How I Met Your Mother'. An ending so bad it reverberates backwards throughout the entire run of the series and pretty much ruins the entire arc of the show. Con-fucking-grats!

    'The Mother' deserved so much better, as did Ted after all these years. Fuck this shit!
  10. The worst part now is all the smarmy people exclaiming "The show was never ABOUT the mother". Like, fuck off, the whole premise was based around her and she was the entire driving force of the overarching storyline.
  11. The show that should have ended after 3d or 4th season (it was never that funny and if it wasn't for Barney it wouldn't last this long) finally ended.
    And how it ended ???? With him finding out after we finally found out who the mother is and that she died that he is in love with his best friend and we all knew that seasons ago.
    Oh well ...
  12. Love their reactions to the question if they are worried that the finale won't live up to the expectations...(around 4.09)

  13. The ending justifies the nine seasons, Neil, ​really?
  14. KAG


    I never 'got' this show. It wasn't funny and I found the main characters annoying. The only enjoyable episodes were the ones with Britney.
  15. Also ''There was a plan all along'' hahahaha

    Yeah when the show started declining let's find out who the mother is and all that stuff that should have been revealed much earlier in 4 -6 episode of the last season so it doesn't look as lame as last couple of seasons were.

    But I can understand it was their job for years so you can't expect them saying something honest hahaha
  16. What? Can't you see the face expressions of them (except Alyson and Jason)? It feels like they feel uncomfortable talking about that and Neil looks like he has no clue what he should say but says the stuff that sounds "good".
  17. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    They should have brought the mother in sooner, as a recurring character that showed up once or twice a season.
  18. I think the problem with such a scenario is that Ted never could've officially met her and it would give it away that it was her if the other characters interacted with her but not Ted.

    Such a shitty ending irregardless. Had the show ended 4-5 seasons ago it would've been fine, but now...
  19. Sorry, I'm going to bore you all. I came to this show LITERALLY the day that the season finale aired. I have since become obsessed. I am not sure if I have ever seen an actor portray a character as well as Neil Patrick Harris portrays Barney. I know he's a very glitzy celebrity whom everybody loves, but that love is totally and utterly deserved. He is spectacular. I think Stewie Griffin is the only other more impressive American TV character.

    I HAVE seen the season finale as I just felt like I needed to. It was rushed, it was annoying and it was unsatisfying, but it probably didn't hit me in the way the way that it should having not watched the full series. I watched it again after watching loads of earlier episodes and it was amazing how much running-gags I instantly recognised, and yeah, he really did just need to stick with the mother, and Robin really did need to have a heart.

    The first four seasons are slick, fresh and edgey. Season 5 goes incredibly stale. Like, shockingly stale. Each episode is basically the same as the last. Ted has a disastrous date, Barney pulls, Robin's aloof, Marshall and Lily are in love. Rinse and repeat. Watching them back to back makes them even worse.

    I'm halfway through Season 6 and it really seems to pick-up. It's interesting that the writers mention in the DVD commentary that they purposefully gave Season 6 a proper story arc and proper themes and development, insinuating that the previous season lacked that. I love when I'm right about these things.

    Overall, pretty bloody brilliant.
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