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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The Johnster, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Interesting how opinions vary because the love for Barney utterly baffles me. He's, IMO, the weakest character on the show and just gets increasingly more vile as the show goes on. I liked Ted the least at the beginning of the show, but he improved over the years while the rest of the characters regressed, particularly Barney and Robin and their toxic relationship.

    I haven't finished season nine yet as I'm watching at E4's pace, but Lily and the mother are currently the only characters I'm enjoying. Shame, because I really loved the first four seasons.
  2. I've said this so many times, but I'll repeat it again.

    Season 1-4 - Comedy gold. Just perfect.
    Seasons 5-6 - Noticeable decline, but still good.
    Season 7 - Massive decline, the comedy really begins to drain from the series, feels like a chore to watch
    Seasons 8-9 - The most difficult, stale, unfunny, repetitive slog imaginable. Just terrible.
  3. Just finished it. What the flying funk was that? Cristin Milioti was the standout star of the season and deserved so much better. I have no idea how they managed to make such a massive series of emotional events leave me completely cold. The only time I really felt anything was when Lily was getting sentimental.
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  4. I'm watching the last series as it airs in the UK but have had the finale spoiled for me. It's like the slowest death-crawl to the finish line ever. It might even beat Dexter for the most testing finale series I've subjected myself to. I can't believe how painfully they have drawn out the lead-up to Barney & Robin's wedding - especially knowing what's to come and how rushed it is going to have to be. I have loved this show so much but I'm at the point now where I just want it over. Euthanize it and let me grieve.

    There was a line in the last episode where Ted said 'It's been a really long week' and all I could think was NO SHIT TED.
  5. In theory, the final season set over 56 hours is actually quite clever - it is certainly something that would work for other TV shows. But it really is dragging now (UK time). We've had a rhyming episode, a ghost episode, a slap episode. It just prolongs the agony. The best episodes of the season so far have undoubtedly been the ones that just run as standard HIMYM episodes. Platonish, The Rehearsal Dinner, Bass Player Wanted and Unpause have been some of the standouts for me.
  6. The ninth season was an abomination. It was an original idea, for sure, but it just didn't work. I only laughed (moderately) during Alyson Hannigan's parts. The finale was also one of the worst I have ever seen on television… Seriously, though, what the? Even Ted ending up with crazy Jeannette would have made for a better finale than the mess we got now. I really loved this show to bits up until season 8, but now it's just left a bitter taste in my mouth. Such a shame.

    (I will always love Robyn Sparkles - not Daggers - though. And Patrice.)
  7. Honestly, the last two seasons were excruciating to watch. There was just so much repetition and stale plot devices. The creators admitted they had no plan for it to go beyond 7 seasons, most of the actors clearly did not want to be there, and so there was just endless treading water. For me, it's really destroyed the legacy of one of my favourite comedy shows. I don't see myself ever rewatching anything past the Season 6 finale.
  8. So this aired in the UK last night and it actually made me angry. I refused to watch this show when it started because I thought it would be awful, then about 18months ago watched teh first series on box set and became hooked. Raced through the first 8 seasons and watched 9 on E4.

    I can't believe they killed the mum off. What is that about?! Why? It's just ridiculous. And then the kids seem overjoyed about it so Ted (who is the single most irritating lead character I have come across but is saved by the amazing supporting cast) could get with Robin, a relationship we know doesn't work. I'd have preferred him to have ended up with Britney, who was wonderful.

    In particular I'm annoyed we spent 22 weeks on a wedding, which included some absolutely atrocious episodes, and then raced through all that additional stuff in an hour. Considering they knew it was ending and it was all building to this point, for me there is no excuse for the finale being so rushed and feeling thrown together, they could easily have extended it out for 5 or 6 episodes.

    Ugh, it just really didn't work for me. I think, in the end, the writers tried to be too clever for their own good. For me, the show should have ended after their conversation at the train station under the umbrella, which was really sweet, well written and for me was the moment we had all been building up to. I don't see how anyone could have complained if they had left it with them getting on that train together.

    Also there wasn't enough Patrice.

    One thing I only realised yesterday was that, obviously, there a ton of Friends-type inferences (and some basic copying of moments, jokes, storylines) however right at the start of season 1, Ted dumps a girl, Natalie, on her birthday. The actrees (Anne Dudek) played Precious in Friends, who was dumped by Mike, also on her birthday. Probably a complete coincidence, but I thought it was funny.
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  9. But people HAVE been complaining about that for years...about the suspicion that they would just end the show the moment Ted would say 'hello' to the mother. I accept people saying they didn't like Ted with Robin or the mother dying, because that's a matter of taste, but it's disheartening seeing how very few people appreciates the fact they gave us an entire season with the mother, including a whole episode focused on her.

    I think people would have been upset no matter how different the finale would have been. They never liked the fact the show wasn't more about the mother, but everything was just planned that way and it couldn't be changed halfway through.
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  10. I was devastated at the finale. I think I will have to pretend HIMYM stops at season 7 when Barney and Robin get together. I can't believe the story was Ted and Robin this whole time. What was the point? They must have known how terrible that is, either that or they didn't realise how much people rooted for Barney and Robin. They spend six years building on that relationship just to divorce them

    As for Cristin Miloti appearing so rarely then randomly being killed off...I don't even have words. I'm with everyone who said it should have ended when they met by the train. I don't consider Ted and Robin getting together to be a happy ending at all

    I did and will always admire the writers of Friends for giving people the safe, happy endings they wanted. I like a twist in sitcoms but absolutely not in a finale. This is the last that people will ever see of the show and it has to leave a good impression. HIMYM just made me angry.
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  11. Basically I think the show is defeated by its format. Had it been like 5 seasons of 13 episodes, it would have probably worked pretty well.
  12. All he stuff with the mother, flash forwards etc... Was great. Really liked all that, all I'm saying is that they created this beautifully sweet moment under the yellow umbrella in the finale. That was what we had been waiting years for. It was well written, well acted and brought everything together, and then they ruin it all in the last 5mins.
  13. Then you get obnoxious people saying "IT'S ABOUT HOW ME MET THEIR MOTHER NOT THE WOMAN HE SPENDS HIS LIFE WITH" and I just... Shut up is all I want to say when I see all that. People got into the show because of the cast and the humour but there was always the underlying question of when we would meet Tracy and, after nearly 8 years of waiting, we got the season 8 finale and promise of a payoff. Ted's been so down on his luck for most of the show, crashing into unsuccessful relationships along the way, we as the audience wanted to see him finally meet the woman who was perfect for him and have a happily ever after.

    I can't with people who say that Ted and Robin were perfect together in the finale because he has his children and she's travelled, what an awful way to look at the situation, especially when it makes Tracy look like a convenient baby machine.
  14. 100% this. This is the problem here, perfectly summed up. Ted and Robin weren't suited- it was made abundantly clear to us many times over the years. Why are they suited now? Because Ted has had children with another woman who thankfully died, leaving him free to pursue Robin.

  15. Also, aside from the occasional tear jerker e.g. Marshall's dad dying, the show was a comedy. Nobody is looking for some big, "clever" move from the writers right at the end.
  16. kal


    Barney's moment with the baby in the last episodes was the definitive stand-out for me.
  17. I was much younger when it first aired, granted (meaning I see through toxic mannerisms more easily nowadays in a way I didn't then), but I was sooo obvlivious to his problematic behaviours:

  18. When it was airing this sitcom was easily my favourite, but now I don’t think it would even rate in my top ten. I’ve never had the urge to rewatch any of it. I really can’t think of a big sitcom that has aged so badly.
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  19. If there is any sign that this show botched the finale spectacularly, it would be that despite being one of the biggest sitcoms of all time, it’s spinoff quietly got canned, the writers have never done anything of note ever again and the sitcom is rarely brought up the way other Classic sitcom are.

    I use to watch my DVD boxsets of this every night before viewing that finale and have never found the desire to revisit the show ever again.

    THAT is a disaster of a finale, that it actually manages to reverberate backward across the entire series and ruins it forever.

    Well done Writers.

    I mean fuck, this thread went SEVEN YEARS without a single post.
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  20. Ugh, every time I remember the finale I get so angry. Are you seriously telling me Ted and Robin are the end game when we saw VERY CLEARLY over the years they just aren't right for each other? And why concentrate the entire season on a weekend wedding, only to have Barney and Robin divorced 5 minutes into the series finale?

    I LOVED Barney and Robin, they were perfect for each other. They both became better persons because of each other and the proposal was amazing. I mean, ok, lets say I agree with their dumb plan to stick with the final scene they shot after 2nd season... But then why did they keep so much focus on Barney and Robin, on their character's development, only to break them apart?

    I just hated how it all ended and because of that I never rewatched the series, they ruined the whole thing for me.
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