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How many people have actually left?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SBK, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. *is shocked*
  2. Apart from the fact he's got all of Westlife's albums.
  3. Maureen's comment about The Brits duet between Mika and Beth Ditto: 'I didn't know what to cover first: my eyes, my ears or myself in petrol' still makes me laugh and is one of my favourite quotes, like, ever!
  4. Personally my favourite posters are the spambots!
  5. I thought that was just brilliantly funny! And true.
  6. The first thing I remember about Maureen was him/her saying something about 'choking on my organic eggs benedict' or something like that. Bit too try-hard for my liking.
  7. 1. Is this Maureen dead? Is this why we are saying her best bits?
    2. Are we doing 'This is your life' for Maureen?
    3. If not, why all the Maureen love?
  8. You leave Maureen alone! She is our queen!!
  9. WRONG!


  10. If not Maureen then who?



    Goo goo gi choo?
  11. We should so do a 'This is your life' topic. Pick a different member each day and then fill it with hilarious crap and tributes from celebrities. AMAZINGNESS!

    Effort to do it though.

  12. You know Dazzle, I imagine that you must call out your own name in the throes of passion.
  13. How did you know?
  14. A very good guess from reading your posts!
  15. Have you ever seen Mariah's 'Shake it off' video. She dances in front of a giant neon sign that spells MIMI. I do that too except mine spells DAZZLE.
  16. You have your own neon sign?!
  17. Doesn't everyone?
  18. Well, Mimi does, clearly.Can't think of anyone else.
  19. If you can't afford one of those, get one of these amazing but slightly shit LED belt buckles. The next best thing!


    You can program your own name into it everything. Not that I'd ever wear one.
  20. Oooh.Snazzy in a slightly bright and tacky way.

    I probably would put my name on it actually, haha.
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