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How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Rhombus, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. I enjoyed the season finale; it was nice seeing the characters mostly happy rather than having it end with another big cliff hanger linked to a death or accident. I don't even like Bonnie that much, but that final scene in her office was cute.

    However I feel confused... I must have completely missed it but what was the reason for Wes being murdered? And was it Laurel's mother or father that had him killed?
  2. The finale was good, but should've been half an hour longer. It seems like everything was just wrapped up hastily and some random shit was thrown out there so there'd be something to do during the next season.
  3. i, too, am confused - i don't remember this being answered..oops.
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  4. I'm honestly in the same boat, but I think the reason why Wes was killed was because he was ready to confess everything to the cops which would mean that he would implicate Laurel (and the rest of the Keating gang) and since Antares was going to go public, Jorge didn't want Wes to open his mouth and bring the stocks down. So he and Mama Castillo shut him up by killing him. Kind of a weak reason, but like they say, money is the root of all evil.
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  5. I am not even sure the show knows. Let's face it, Pete Nowalk and the show make it up as they go along as we've seen. And I think they are a) unsure how to wrap up the Wes murder story; b) want to keep stringing us along so they can keep using Alfred in flashbacks or c) they changed their minds and want to bring Wes back in the future (I hope not; let him stay dead).

    I think another problem may be that the actor who played Dominic, Nicholas Gonzalez, is now on the huge hit, The Good Doctor and maybe they are having trouble getting him back for new flashbacks (though, to be fair, Dominic is dead).

    I wish they would wrap up the Wes story.
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  6. I'd like to see how they manage to bring Wes back, and make it believable. The show showed him in the morgue burned alive.
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  7. I think we need something fresh for season 5. I was so happy when Wes was killed off but it really just feels like he’s not dead because he’s mentioned so much. And it’s been such a drag because Laurel’s just been unbearable. Michaela is the only beacon of light atm. Get Kerry Washington in full time so Olivia Pope can slap some sense in to them all.
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  8. NOT after what she did to Asher!

    He used to be a douche but I loved him so much this season. For S5 I’m going to need him to find out he’s bisexual and have a threesome with Oliver and Connor.
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  9. Asher's ass is truly too amazing not to be used in precisely this^ way .
  10. Y'all are messy.

    I 100% agree though ddd.
  11. I love Michaelea. Aja Naomi King does an amazing job. I think they are trying to do with Michaelea what they did with Olivia on Scandal, in that they are corrupting her.

    She really could have her own series. I would totally watch.
  12. The finale was a pretty great culmination of what has been the long S3-4 arc. It feels good especially after the S3 finale had so little closure.

    As for the future, the new potential storylines look promising. It's refreshing to see so many new elements being introduced.

    And god, she is beautiful. Sometimes I even get distracted at how perfect her face looks.
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  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Honestly I'm still not over Annalise's speech from the penultimate episode. I must've watched it at least ten times now and I still get shivers. I mean, the first line alone: "Racism is built into the DNA of America." Couple that with Viola's delivery, the subtle music, and that one shot of Michaela on the verge of tears....whew. What an utterly powerful moment.
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  14. "How To Survive A Scandal" would make for an amazing spin-off, to be honest.

    Wonder when Meredith is going to pop up in this.
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  15. She will deliver Annalise and Isaac's baby.
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  16. I think the crossover was definitely good testing waters. I would totally watch.
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  17. Sorry I just watched the episode. Is anyone else annoyed that Oliver and Connor didn't push back on Michaela when she said that she didn't kill him, only get him deported?

    Uh sis, he's a hunty heading back to Pakistan. Dude is a dead man walking.
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  18. How to Survive a Scandal would be great, using the supporting characters from both shows in the main roles.

    I just watched the finale and I'm happy with it because this season has been particularly darker than the rest.
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  19. Not reading any of the above since I'm going through the first season as something to keep on the background while I do work


    I'm really supposed to believe they missed a pregnancy in the first autopsy?

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  20. S4 is now on Netflix. Time to binge.

    This show is so trashy but I love it ddd
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