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How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Square, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. I fell out of touch with this show somewhere between season 4/5. I recently picked it up again and finished season 6 yesterday. I felt like it was a nice ending to the show overall, though I feel like the Bonnie character got given a disservice somewhat. Shame we didn't see an older Tegan or find out what happened with her, as she became one of my favourites towards the final season. Love that Famke Janssen swooped in for that finale though!

    I stumbled upon this video on YouTube and, yes I know the show is TV/entertainment and isn't always going to be factually accurate, but I did find it amusing and interesting;

    Seems he's done other shows too, like The Good Wife and Damages. Speaking of which, I'm now re-visiting Damages as I do love it so (and obviously How to Get Away with Murder took a lot of what Damages had done for their own story-telling).

    Are there any other shows similar this are worth checking out? I do love a good legal show...
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  2. Damages was an awesome show. I watched it long after it ended because of Rose Byrne and her and Glenn on that show are dynamite together.
  3. Patty Hewes was an amazing character.
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  4. Just finished the final episode. Thoughts:

    - Overall, nicely done, we generally got a believable, bittersweet ending with closure for most of the major plot lines.
    - Seemed strange no one really cared to look into Agent Pollock and Asher's murder by an FBI agent, nor into whether the FBI was really tampering with witnesses and making them perjure themselves? Was it the FBI who took out Jorge?
    - Who was Hannah Keating that she would be able to rope the Governor and Castillos into her vendetta against Annalise?
    - Was Sam Keating having a prior marriage established in the earlier seasons, or was that shoehorned in later on?
    - Was Keating incest thought of from day one, or also shoehorned in later?
    - What happened to Gabriel Maddox? He seemed to take Frank's money not to testify, but he was later loitering about in the courtroom, and then...?
    - Is the implication that Annalise and Tegan spent the rest of their lives in happy retirement, with Tegan dying first? At one point the hand seemed white, I wonder if that meant Eve or...
    - "Glad" Michaela ended up alone.
    - Seemed trite/unbelievable that Connor and Oliver would end up again.
    - Liked Laurel scramming out of the gunshot scene, all focus on her son. She really did cut ties and put her son first, having paid off whatever emotional debt she had to Annalise on the stand. I wonder: did she ever graduate? Or did she have so much money as to not care? The son being cared by Alfred was... something. And him becoming a professor in Annalise's classroom which hasn't had a makeover in 30-something years is.... something.
    - Sad for Bonnie and Frank, I hoped they'd get better. But Frank really was a terrible person, so... he kinda deserved to go. Bonnie deserved joy.
    - Kinda stretched belief how Nate was able to go on scheming and scamming his way around the Keating orbit without a proper job and without his police contacts ever drying up/tiring of doing him favours.
  5. Sorry to bump this but I finished the show yesterday.

    I was crying for 15 minutes after it ended, actually I was sobbing.

    I am still sad but this was a fantastic show and will forever be in my heart.
  6. This is still my favorite show ever.
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  7. I miss the dark house soundtrack–the music supervisor truly earned her coins.
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  8. I miss the tv promos, some were sooo good.

  9. The best 3 minutes of your life.
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  10. Annalise would never have got away with half the things she did in real life though, right? That woman was insane, let's face it.
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  11. I call her Khaleesi and I love every one of her dracarys moments.

    Ambitious, bisexual, black, yes.
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  12. A good watch
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