How wonderful were The Cure?

Theyre big in Greece arent they? Vasilios, you cant hate all their stuff. You cant hate "A Forest", you cant hate "Lullaby", you cant hate "WCIBY". You just cant.
I adore The Cure. Robert Smith is a bit of a prick but an undeniable genius. 'Lullaby', 'Cut Here' and 'Just Like Heaven' are just amazing.


Hmmm, they were a great group for me, but pretty much everything post Disintegration is just a bit dull. That said, when they were good, they were fantastic. Primary, Just Like Heaven, The Walk, Killing An Arab, Hanging Garden... Oh, I could go on.

I'm off to play The Head On The Door now.

paul lekakis

I was scared to death as a child by the "Lullaby" video.

I love "Burn", it's one of their best/most underrated songs.
For me they peaked around 1985-1987.....the Head On The Door album (with Close to Me and Inbetween Days), then the imperious Standing On A Beach singles collection, followed by the wild and wonderful double album Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me. It felt like Robert Smith's muse was on an unstoppable, giddy roll.
They're a brilliant band and I've been a fan since as long as I can remember. My favourite tracks are Lament, Lullaby, The Walk, and The Exploding Boy.