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How wonderful were The Cure?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by do1frood, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. I love the Cure, I've really been jamming to Doing the Unstuck a lot this year, and discovering the Wish album, damn I wish they'd remaster it, oh and finally release 4:14 Scream.
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  2. The Wish album has been on almost daily play lately... may just be my favourite. No wait... the Kiss Me... album. But what about Pornography... Ahhhh Disintegration! and then Head on the Door... actually aside from 'The Top' which rarely gets an airing their back catalogue is mighty.

    I'd like a Wish reissue just so i get decent copies of the tracks from my 4 song Lost Wishes cassette tape promo... cassette to mp3 rips make vinyl rips seem like pristine works of aural magnificence!
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  3. I love the Cure.

    The last couple of albums have been lacklustre to say the least but I still find myself wanting a new one from them (well, let's be honest... him). I suppose I'll have to make do with the RSD reissues on Saturday.
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  4. But still a lacklustre Cure album ahead of a lot of other bands' releases...

    Bloodflowers I liked, The Cure and 4.13 Dream had some good songs too. But I would love a new album,
    all of Robert's collaborations and odd solo works have been fun but it isn't the same.
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  5. I remembered them when Lady Gaga released a new song a few days ago.
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  6. I'm only a casual fan/only know the singles, but they had some great singles and interesting videos.
  7. I've been (re)discovering them lately. Disintegration is their masterpiece. Over 70 minutes and not a single moment is less than stellar.
  8. I actually enjoy their 2004 album, I enjoy how it sounds like it was made in 2004 as that was the sound I was used to in my teens, maybe it's a generation thing.
  9. The Cure ARE still amazing.
    I see them live whenever they tour my country and they always play epic 3-4 hour sets.
    Their Trilogy album shows are spectacular.
    I think Bloodflowers was their last "great" album, but Disintegration is the best album.. of all time... by anyone.
  10. I actually forgot I had Join The Dots!
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  11. Disc 2 and 3 are such a treat. (Love A Chain of Flowers and Twilight Garden)
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  12. The b-sides from the 'Kiss Me' to 'Wish' era are wonderful. At the time, well worth the effort to track down the singles for them
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  13. Love Song. Boys Don't Cry. Friday I'm In Love. Just Like Heaven. Pictures Of You. Lullaby.
    In Between Days. Charlotte Somtimes. Mint Car. High. Why Can't I Be You. Love Cats.
  14. I would even include the Wild Mood Swings b-sides in that too, most are better than the tracks that made the album.
  15. Since it’s arrival I’ve pretty much played nothing but the deluxe Mixed Up... sound quality seems really good. Forgotten how wonderful that Fascination Street mix was!

    Enjoying the new mixes too
  16. No mention of "A Letter to Elise"?!?!?

    Now fixed!
  17. I’m enjoying the new remixes too, the first 6 tracks on my that disc are all solid, then A Night Like This is a bit dull, it deserved better, never really cared for Like Cockatoos in the first place, everything else is good apart from Want and It’s Over, they are pretty much unlistenable.
    The true highlight here though has to be The Last Day Of Summer, I’ve had this on repeat, it’s so beautiful, I love how Robert has brought those synth strings to the front, the melancholy...
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  18. 9 days to go - I'm off to Hyde Park on 7 July. Can't wait!
  19. Can’t even respond I’m that envious! Rest of lineup is impressive too
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  20. As someone who usually favours less radical mixes, I should be happy with those mixes more faithful to the original but I feel one or two are a bit safe.

    As you said, Lost but also It’s Here are the worst... and thankfully From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea hasn’t been ruined.

    Does seem though that the better albums (and therefore better songs) are the more listenable mixes... I have all the albums, but Bloodflowers is the most recent I actually go back to.

    Would be pleasing to think they may have another great album in them, Wild Mood Swings and 4:13 Dream aren’t without their moments but unfortunately didn’t get their hooks into me like Wish, Kiss Me or Disintegration.

    I live in hope anyway!
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