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How wonderful were The Cure?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by do1frood, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. I can’t wait, that line up is so ideal. So many bands to tick off my list, Interpol, Slowdive, Twilight Sad, Editors and of course the Cure. I’ve seen Goldfrapp but I’m excited to see a more upbeat setlist as The Tales Of Us tour was very down beat / intimate.
    Although I am worried 1.) I’ll get sun burnt 2.) my “late for everything” friend will be so late we’ll end up standing at the back unable to see anything.
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  2. I like your faith in the British summer weather!
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  3. Ha I'd actually love it to be overcast. That'd be perfect for the Goth-filled day.
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  4. Remember seeing Depeche at Crystal Palace in ‘93... the black clad hordes cooking in the heat. I wish you some gloom (in the nicest way possible!)
  5. Ouch! I can picture it now!
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  6. The Cure on 15/07/89 was roasting too. A scorcher.
  7. Mixed Up & Mixed Up Extras 2018 has entered the UK album charts at number 16, that's quite impressive!
  8. Almost as high as the original.
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  9. I'm desperately jealous of anyone going to the Hyde Park gig. Unfortunately, this old Goth still hates standing in the sun for any length of time, so no go for me.

    Enjoy it though, if that's the correct term? Maybe wallow in the fantastic gloom would be better?
  10. So yesterday was literally amazing, I got there when the Editor’s were playing, me and my friend drank beer and enjoyed the bands. It wasn’t too busy throughout the day because of the match.
    I’m glad I’ve finally seen Interpol, and also got to see an upbeat bopped filled setlist from Goldfrapp, The Tales of Us tour was very mellow.
    Finally, I got to see one of my favourite bands, The Cure, and they were phenomenal, the set list was perfect, banger after banger. Robert looked great too, I thought he wasn’t looking his best / healthy on the last tour but I think might have lost some weight.
    Honestly, I cried when Plainsong came on, that doesn’t happen often.
  11. It was a long day. The tiredness, accelerated by the heat, peaked at 8.00pm just when Ride were finishing up. All of that melted away when The Cure came on stage. It was another brilliant performance. Just flew home yesterday evening. Exhausted but really glad I made the trip.

    Pictures Of You
    A Night Like This
    The Walk
    The End Of The World
    In Between Days
    Just Like Heaven
    If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
    Play For Today
    A Forest
    Shake Dog Shake
    Fascination Street
    Never Enough
    The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

    The Caterpillar
    Friday I’m In Love
    Close To Me
    Why Can’t I Be You?

    Boys Don’t Cry
    Jumping Someone Else’s Train
    Grinding Halt
    10:15 Saturday Night
    Killing An Arab

    Many people thought Boys Don't Cry would be the last song. We then got treated to these.
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  12. What a amazing set list! Thanks for sharing. Apart from the obvious tracks, it has some personal faves such as Play for Today, Train and On a Night like This.

    Have the Cure given up as a recording band now? Seems an age since their last album.
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  13. It's probably ten whole years by now (4:13 Dream was the last, right?). I didn't even listen to that one.
  14. Not given up but it’s been a very long time since 4:13 dream, I think I read there were label issues.
    Robert announced in 2014 he was going to release 4:14 scream, but that disappeared as he felt there wasn’t but point with the band members changing since th recordings.
    They’ve played new songs on the last tour, and now with the release of Mixed Up remastered things might finally be back on track. Although I won’t hold my breath.
  15. I think we'll have a new LP in 2019 - will be 40 years since Three Imaginary Boys.
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  16. Three Imaginary Old Men.

    With a Phil Collins-esque updated band shot somewhere in the booklet.
  17. I think 4:13 is a better album than Wild Mood Swings so worth a listen. But it would be nice for a new record, picking up random Crystal Castles tracks where Robert does the vocals just isn’t enough.

    Great set list by the way, very envious. But not of the scorching heat!
  18. I highly recommend checking out Underneath the Stars and the Hungry Ghost if you’ve never heard them.
    I actually quite liked 4:13 Dream, it’s mainly the production which lets it down, I agree I enjoy it more than Wild Mood Swings.
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  19. The Cure's Robert Smith reveals three new albums are in the works

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  20. Oh yes. Excellent Christmas present pour moi!
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