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How wonderful were The Cure?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by do1frood, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. I remember Robert promising a companion album to 4:13 Dream back in the day so I’m not holding my breath for 3 new albums.
    I’ll be happy with 1 for now, the one that they’ve just finished sounds like it’s going to be amazing.
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  2. I’ve been listening to Wish all this week (I adore that album, it’s all the facets of The Cure distilled into one LP) so the thought of a new Cure release is a definite tonic. Though of course he has been known to renege on release dates before...
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  3. just putting this here because I’ve been watching Cureation and really hope this is the vibe for the next album.
  4. Everything I hear is with the added ‘new album due’ but still nothing. Last I heard there would be a Rob solo album too
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  5. It’s really quite painful, I’ve been following this new album since he announced 4:13 Scream back in 2014, I lost interest a few years ago but since Robert started talking about a new album again I’ve been following and it’s just as painful as it was back in 2014, at the beginning of 2020 the album was pretty much done, with just a few songs to finish off, a year and a half later and the 2 albums are done but Robert needs to decide who will mix them, like, seriously they haven’t been mixed yet??? So they aren’t done, I don’t think the album will be coming this year and possibly not even next year at this pace, I just don’t think he wants to put anything out at this point and seems willing to scrap them for this solo noise album he seems more interested in doing judging by the interviews.
    The Chvrches song is nice, so at least there’s that, but it just seems people are now paying attention and want this new album, it could be a missed opportunity if it doesn’t come sooner rather than later when people have moved on.
    Rant over.
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  6. I never thought Robert Smith would turn into the new Lee Mavers.
  7. I know I’ve ranted about the new album but I am really enjoying rediscovering their back catalogue and I’ve become obsessed with this song from their last album, I do think it’s one of the best songs from their 2000s output.
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  9. I’m still surprised that after the elation of their Glastonbury performance the album didn’t surface last year.

    it’s not as if Rob’s been inactive- as well as his Chvrches track there was the Gorrilaz one too.

    oh well, fingers crossed. Cure albums have soundtracked so much of my existence that it’s odd to think how long it’s been since the last…
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  10. I started getting into their catalogue only in the past few years and I still have yet to really listen to their post-Wish albums but it's been quite the experience. 'Pornography', 'Disintegration' and 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me' make my top 3.
    I read a nice review for the 40th anniversary of 'Faith' too which mentioned the Gormenghast series as the inspiration for "The Drowning Man" and it piqued my curiosity so that's what I'm reading at the moment. 'Faith' is another great album and "The Funeral Party" is quite possibly the Cure song that is the most within me, it's like the early seeds for dream pop, it sounds very late 80's/early 90's when it dates as far back as 1981.

    What I appreciate most about them is how they expand a particular sound throughout their career while it always sounds new for them at the same time, and those long intros on so many songs, very enjoyable and the darker they get help create a fascinating atmosphere. The obvious care they put into crafting them and yet the vocal parts that start afterwards never disappoint.
    Just to go back on 'Pornography', I wonder how it must have been like to have that and 'The Dreaming' in the same year?! And apparently both albums were misunderstood in their own ways at the time. Those two with Siouxsie's 'Juju' to me represent the same point in their respective artists' discography and do seem to share similarities, on a purely creative standpoint, in a way.
  11. I love those long intros, I was listening The Same Deep Water As You earlier and was thinking how perfectly dark it is, Robert captured a vast feeling of emptiness and desperation, like I can actually envision floating in the middle of the dark ocean with so much void surrounding, and then it's followed by the epic Disintegration, which is possibly my favourite song they've ever recorded.
    All Cats Are Grey is my favourite song from Faith, another haunting atmospheric vibe, I love how sombre and bleak it is, one thing I do wish is that Charlotte Sometimes had a proper place on Faith, it fits the vibe of that album really well, I'm glad Robert added it to the deluxe edition.
    In terms of post-Wish albums, I've really been obsessing with the 2004 self titled album for the past week, I've read so much negativity towards this album, but I actually really enjoy it, I used to listen to a lot of nu-metal when I was a teenager, so I can confidently say this is definitely not a nu-metal album, just because the producer had previously produced albums for Slipknot and Korn doesn't automatically make this album anything close to metal, it's still the Cure to me, albeit a bit heavier and louder, but still very much The Cure.
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  12. Sorry for double post but just to bump, I got my long wanted Wild Mood Swings vinyl from Record Store Day yesterday, and, I think I've come around to this album? When I was getting into their back catalogue I would avoid this album because I just thought there were too many bad songs on it, but after listening just now the songs I thought were bad actually no longer sound bad? Like Gone is kinda fun? and the 13th is cute, Numb is actually quite gorgeous, Bare is still that long boring track though.
    Also, been listening to Join the Dots all week and the b-sides from this era are better than most of the album tracks.
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  13. For weeks now I've had the absolute craving to listen quite a lot to "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea" from 'Wish' - it's really revealed itself as a stand-out of their discography. It's just a perfect song with this kind of structure, the unchanging rhythm that runs through the whole track is purely addictive, and it's such a generous song with how far it takes you. It's interesting how "Cut" then sounds like an alternate more traditional and stadium sized take on it.
    The title track of 'Disintegration' is another long song of theirs which appeals to me for regular random plays right now, and when I listen to it in the context of the album the lead-up to it with the two tracks before it is perfect. I like the two songs that close the album but it would have been a more on point ending to it.
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  14. I always thought that Last Dance and Homesick were surplus to requirements on Disintegration. I bought it on vinyl on release but got the CD later on in the summer. They never quite *fitted* IMHO
  15. My older sister became a massive Cure fan starting with Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me up to the Wish era. The Cure always brings fond memories of my childhood as she constantly listened to them, and my first trip to a second hand shop was accompanying her to look for their older material. She bought heaps of things from them when she went abroad to Brighton to study her last high school year in '92-'93, and a big The Cure biography she bought there was my first conscious effort to try and read a book in English.

    By the time Wild Mood Swings came out she had moved on to Marilyn Manson, so, even though she bought it, she rarely listened to it.

    Great band, I should try to listen to their 21st century albums as I barely know them.
  16. I bought Entreat a long time before I bought Disintegration. I guess maybe I skip The Same Deep Water as You for the same reasons - but Homesick and Last Dance totally have plays
  17. Untitled is the perfect album closer, that simple accordion riff that plays throughout the entire song under those melancholy guitars and Roberts sad voice, gorgeous. Oh and the bass guitar just does something to me.
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  18. I now hope for a new Cure album rather than wait. It’s getting remarkably similar to the situation with My Bloody Valentine, tho they at least released MBV after many many years…
  19. I remember being so excited reading Roberts statement about the plan to release 4:14 Scream, for it to then never arrive. And now they’ve been teasing this new album for what seems like half a decade, the fact the album has a length is hope it will indeed get a release, hopefully next year.
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