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How wonderful were The Cure?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by do1frood, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Yes and I also like how "modern" they sounded on the 2004 album, as a teenager back then, this helped a lot in bringing them to my attention, I loved The End of the World at the time.

    This is the tracklist I use for this album:

    01. Lost
    02. Alt.End
    03. Before Three
    04. Truth Goodness & Beauty
    05. The End of the World
    06. Anniversary
    07. Us or Them
    08. Fake
    09. I Don't Know What's Going On
    10. This Morning
    11. Going Nowhere

    I'll try and do my ranking over the weekend, but when it comes to the debut album, I only ever use the Boys Don't Cry album, it does a great job of getting rid of the bad songs from the debut and adding the hits.
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  2. Hmmm. It never even occured to me to use the Boys Don't Cry album. Flop fan haha.
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  3. My Cure ranking as of 2022

    1 Disintegration

    2 Pornography
    3 The Head On The Door
    4 Faith
    5 Seventeen Seconds
    6 Wish
    7 Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    8 The Top
    9 Wild Mood Swings
    10 Three Imaginary Boys
    11 Bloodflowers
    12 The Cure
    13 4:13 Dream
  4. I'm hoping for the "dark" album in October.
    And the "pop" album for next summer's festivals, so sometime Mar-June 2023?
    Then there's the solo album but that's the one I think might end up shelved.
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  5. Let’s have a crack at this whilst my brekkie is cooking…

    1. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    2. Disintegration
    3. Wish
    4. The Head On The Door
    5. Pornography
    6. Seventeen Seconds
    7. Faith
    8. 4:13 Dream
    9. The Cure
    10. Bloodflowers
    11. Wild Mood Swings
    12 .The Top
    13. Three Imaginary Boys

    those last three or four hardly ever get played anymore and really could be in any order.

    tbh if I want my fix of early cure I tend to play the standing on a beach compilation as it’s so good
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  6. Okay okay okay, let’s give this a bash:

    Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    The Head On the Door
    Join the Dots
    The Cure
    Seventeen Seconds
    Wild Mood Swings
    4:13 Dream
    The Top
    Boys Don’t Cry
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  7. Join the Dots is an essential grab bag of all those Cure non album items. Some great songs within it.

    I will add that (as mentioned earlier) the seasons and weather really do influence my Cure album choices - and if we’d been having this discussing in the melancholic autumn and winter months then Pornography and 17 seconds would be higher. But right now it’s a sunny Saturday morning and all this chat has led me to having ‘Wish’ accompany my breakfast.

    The fact that they have such a varied back catalogue that can appeal to different emotions is one of the reasons I love them so much.
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  8. Hmm, let’s see:

    1 Disintegration
    2 Pornography
    3 The Head On The Door
    4 Seventeen Seconds
    5 Faith
    6 Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    7 Wish
    8 Bloodflowers
    9 The Cure
    10 The Top
    11 Three Imaginary Boys
    12 4:13 Dream
    13 Wild Mood Swings
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  9. Robert gave yet another update on the new album yesterday.
    Apparently it will be out in time for the tour in October.
    It will be the “relentless” dark album.
    The second more pop album (which he said was finished a few months ago) is still being worked on as he didn’t like some of the songs and is still writing and recording new songs for it. Will likely come out next year.

    Edit: oh and he also mentions the Wish remaster which sounds like it’s ready to go.
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  10. He’s just a constant tease…
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  11. Songs Of A Lost World is an interesting title!
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