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How would you have organised the 'Chasing Lights' tracklist?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ciam45, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. I find that when i listen to the album I sually skip forward and backwards, but still end up listening to each song. How would you rearrange the ORIGINAL 11 TRACKS, not adding bonuses etc.?

    Mine would go:

    1.If This Is Love
    3.Chasing Lights
    4.Keep Her
    7.Set Me Off
    11.Why Me, Why Now

    This is no reflection on how much i like the songs (If This Is Love and Vulnerable are my least favourites) but i feel it flows better this way. it's not so down/midtempo at the end.
  2. Fair point - towards the end of the album, I sometimes find my attention wavering. I'd probably put Set Me Off near the end for that reason!
  3. I would make it an EP with

    Set Me Off
    Keep Her
    If This Is Love

  4. I would have put Set Me Off after Up. It has a similar sound,and it is in a really bad place-it shouldn't be between Chasing Lights and Fall. Oh and I'd have put the single mix of Up on there instead of the album one obviously.
    (I would also have scrapped Issues and put Not Good Enough on instead.Sorry.)
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