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Howard Jones - New single / shows

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by rseamer, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. It isn't really a comeback as such, as he's never stopped recording / playing, and it isn't a rehash of old 80's stuff, but the spiked haired synth wizard of What Is Love fame has a new single out. It's very 'mature' sounding a bit like Gary Barlow. It's about his daughter leaving home and it's called Soon You'll Go.

    There's a video there.

    He's also playing a show in Manchester and Cardiff this week...the one in Cardiff is with a male welsh choir !

    It's not exactly New Song or Pearl In The Shell , but is pretty sweet and endearing - very personal lyrics.
  2. Oh, I've literally just seen a promo for this at a record fair today...(£6!), so as soon as I got back home I had a look on amazon for the album, which is out tomorrow. Looks intruiging, I always buy his albums anyway so that's a given sale from me.

    I always hoped he'd make more albums like Human's Lib, but he chose to move in other directions, so fair play to him. He was the first artist I got heavily into, so I always want to hear his latest effort.

  3. The new album is not synthy at all I believe. I hear it is very piano / strings based.... basically like the single.
  4. Yeah, he pretty much revisited the synth style on the last album, and the stuff he did with Ferry Corsten a year or so back. Both projects had some brilliant moments, albeit in a very modern/contemporary fashion. It'll be interesting to hear this new record!

  5. Not really a fan of the new record.

    But good news...he's going to be at Bestival this year !
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