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Huge bops the masses might have missed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mvnl, Aug 17, 2020.

  1. Mvnl

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    I have Popjustice to thank for knowing 90% of these but I think this might be a good topic for huge songs by not so huge artists that you just had to happen to notice to know them...

    (This topic isn't for that one Janet or Kylie single that wasn't a hit, and I also assume everyone on here does know Gabriella Cilmi, Mini Viva and Florrie by now)


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  3. I guess you could make an argument that both Neon Hitch and Kreayshawn weren't exactly "virtual unknowns", but these songs were still done so dirty and have held up incredibly well in the last near-decade. Get Over U is basically the last gasp of We Are Born-era Sia and Boys Noize really snapped on Go Hard's production.

    If this had been released by Zara Larsson the homosexuals would've made into at least a minor blogosphere flop hit, but alas.

    One of the most anthemic choruses of the 2010s and it was yanked from digital platforms for four years after a "limited release" that still makes no sense to me.

    I still don't know what happened with this one - Smokey released three songs on Soundcloud, Thunder got a remix EP, a music video was teased, and...then she basically disappeared? Tale as old as time with these struggle girls, I guess. It's a shame, this is an earthy bop and a half and her voice was excellent.
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  4. It’s tempting to post Perfect Places just because it is not only a bop but also one of the best songs ever and should be one of the biggest songs of the planet. It’s so simple yet so deep, so catchy yet so hitting hard.

    And yes I ignored your instruction @Mvnl. I am just still bitter that one didn’t fly.
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  5. cpr


    A literal masterpiece.
  6. I still do not get why this wasn’t not huge everywhere

  7. I cannot be the only person on Popjustice who had this bop on repeat when it was realised should have been a hit surely


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  9. How To Dress Well is so underrated.
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  10. Yes, a million times yes. It’s insanely catchy, it would’ve eaten up radio.
  11. I had to google for half an hour because I forgot the name of the group and the song, and OF COURSE the official video has been scrubbed off Youtube. I have no idea why Can I wasn't a Transatlantic number one for MONTHS. Good to see the PJ forum has given it some love over the years.

  12. Oh are we doing our very own Unflopped now? We love to see it.

    Here are my contributions huns

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  13. I also don’t get why a lot of the Scandi females don’t seem to do well I could go on but will leave it with these bops

    Oh land

    Emilie Nicholas

    Amanda Mair

    Anna of the north

  14. Anything and everything by Mashrou Leila:

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  15. I couldn’t predict a hit song to save my life but I thought that even by my standards of hopelessness that this would be an international smash.


  16. Eh don’t know if this one counts but since it’s Camelphat I’m going with yes
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