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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by octopus, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. It's gone unnoticed but the Dare albums 30th anniversary was yesterday and celebrated it in several ways.

    First of all the Exclusive Interviews section brings "The Dare Special (In loving memory of Martin Rushent)".

    And I've resurrected the Dare Fan Mix Project 2007 as all mixes are now online again. Check it out;
  2. The Black Hit Of Space celebrates Don't You Want Me 30th Anniversary as a single in several ways. First of all there's a string of spanking new fan mixes to pamper your ears with the first one uploaded now.

    And the full article "Jo Callis - The Story Of Don't You Want Me" is online.
  3. It's the final mix of the celebrations as the fact that Don't You Want Me stayed at the No 1 spot in the UK Charts over the new year back in 1981/82 deserves a special mention with a cool new take on the classic.
  4. It's a tripple whammy of brilliant new fan remixes as no less than 3 different mixes of latest single Sky is presented with a fitting production tribute to the late Martin Rushent creating memories of both Dare and Love And Dancing. Not to be missed!
  5. This months exclusive interview takes a closer look at arguably the best remix of latest single Sky that sadly didn't make it past the promo stage to feature on the official release.
  6. Ray


    I would love to hear the Marsheaux remix. Sigh. "Available: well nowhere really".
  7. It was online at the Electricity Club site at some point, sounded awesome! But you should vivist the Electricity Club to listen to the Fotonovela Mix of Egomaniac, just as good.

    Or check out the Retro mixes of Sky on Soundcloud, mixed the way Martin Rushent would have done it, absolutely fabulous!
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