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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by octopus, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Am I the only one who finds The League the perfect late night band? It's difficult to explain but Reproduction, Travelogue, Dare, the Fascination EP, Secrets and Credo could never be played on a bright sunny day. It might have something to do with a story my mum told me about getting Dare for Christmas 1981 and listening to it in January while she stayed up all night and watched a blizzard literally bury the house. The weird, slightly creepy mood of the first two albums (they'd been reading too much Ballard) and the icy rush of synths and vocals on Dare have something to do with it too. Darkness and Seconds, both very nocturnal and dark - insomnia after reading a horror novel and the shooting of JFK set to a brooding synthesizer? Perfect - and that cold foggy night in the Don't You Want Me video. A lot of their music oozes atmosphere.

    Arrrgh, I can't wait for icy winter nights to be able to appreciate them properly again.
  2. Saw them live last week and they're coasting a bit. Same old songs, same kind of set. It was enjoyable but I wish they'd do stuff like 'Human' (I know they hate that album, but it was a big hit and it'd give Joanne her 'moment'. And 'Life on your own' deserves a play too, much more so than 'Heart like a wheel'. I'd love them to do a few album tracks like 'Rock me again and again' and 'I love you too much' and 'Darkness' too. And no 'Never let me go'? I did love 'Things that dreams are made of' though. And 'The Lebanon' had a really sad feel, considering all the troubles.
  3. I've just started getting into The Human League this past week. Really don't know why I was never into them before now. I bought the deluxe Dare/Fascination! today, what a fantastic album, I totally get where Richard X gets his inspiration from. What do the colours/numbers mean on the singles covers? Blue, Red, 100!

    Also (illegally) downloaded some of their albums, really love "Travelogue" and "Octopus" which is one of my favorites so far.

    Anyone know if there are plans for anymore deluxe releases? I want all their albums on CD but early CDs have low sound on them,
  4. Red = Uptempo dance mixes, Blue - Downtempo, ballad... not sure about the 100? It'll be confirmed online somewhere. I feel like I've read it somewhere online.

    The USA got deluxe reissues of Hysteria and Crash in the mid-00s, I bought those for the bonus tracks. I should think eventually, the UK will get DLX reissues, but nothing is confirmed or anything. Crash is really underrated - if you like Jam & Lewis, it's a perfectly decent 80s album. It's very smooth and lush, production wise. They hate it themselves apparently, but the artists own opinion of their work doesn't mean jack to me.


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  5. Thanks for the info Anf, your always good for this sort of thing, I just ordered Reproduction and Travelogue reissues on Amazon but Hysteria and Crash are really expensive so will just wait till I find them cheaper somewhere.

    Just listened to sample clips of Crash and it sounds rather good, I never knew it was them that did "Human", I always just assumed it was (hides in shame) Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet.
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  6. You're always welcome! Octopus had a good remix package across the singles... there's a great mix of These Are The Days on the One Man In My Heart 2CD set. That should've been a single, really. I'm a big fan of Life On Your Own and Love Is All That Matters, from the singles.
  7. Cool, I'll look into getting some of the singles as well once I've heard all their albums.
    I just downloaded "Crash", halfway through it now, it's very Janet Jackson for obvious reasons, and it's very good so far, don't know why they dislike it. Romance? looks like it could be a bit rubbish just from the awful artwork.

    I'm also collecting Pet Shop Boys albums, unfortunately for my bank I want the Further Listening versions, again really expensive. I wish digital never bloody excited.
  8. Romantic? is rather patchy. Heart Like A Wheel wasn't a bad single... but it's not a brilliant album. A few decent tracks.

    PSB... I have all the Further Listening volumes. Nice! I do think their back catalogue will be revisited again soon. I predict a boxset of all their albums in the next 12 months now they've parted ways with Parlophone. I'd rather they did a Duran Duran style 2CD+DVD for each album. I'd buy those. My fave PSB album is Introspective... I loved the whole idea of making an album of 12" mixes, then releasing short versions on the singles (ie. the opposite of what everyone did in the 80s). They'll never top that album version of Left To My Own Devices in my eyes.
  9. PSB are very visual so a 2CD+DVD for each album would be a great idea, I bought the Erasure ones last month. Also didn't think about Parlophone reissuing their albums, hmmm now i'm not sure if I should wait of not, I've already bought Very and Actually... And yes Introspective is brilliant, love the artwork too.

    Human League's Love is all That Matters... WOW! I'm officially a HUGE fan now, never ever heard this song before.
  10. Would someone be kind enough to explain to me why greatest-song-of-all-time 'Don't You Want Me' is at #11 on iTunes?

    Edit: Oh, apparently it has something to do with Scottish sport. But yay, Human League!!
  11. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Aberdeen won the League Cup Final on Sunday and the fans have changed the words in the chorus to "Peter Pawlett baby" in support of him.
  12. I couldn't tell you what the 'League Cup Final' is, nor could I tell you what Peter Pawlett is.

    Just call me a walking stereotype.
  13. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Haha don't worry, let's focus on the fact a great song is back in the charts!
  14. It's now at 5!
    Let's get it to number 1 again.
  15. moorje

    moorje Guest

    Haha, brilliant. And they're headlining the Reload Festival in Norfolk in September.
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  16. I'm still hoping for a Human League box set. There's a number of compilations out there but I think a box set is overdue.

    BTW, I absolutely love Crash and Romantic? I know they get some criticism but they were the soundtrack to my elementary and early teen years.
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