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Hurts - Exile (Album & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jtm, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. SockMonkey

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    Re: Hurts - The Mass (2nd Album & Singles)

    "14 Hours..."

    From their Facebook page. So I guess a revelation at midday UK time.
  2. Re: Hurts - The Mass (2nd Album & Singles)

    Hopefully we'll get full release information. Also they are shooting the album cover in the next few days (fashion insider random piece of information)
  3. Re: Hurts - The Mass (2nd Album & Singles)

    New leak?


    The name of the album is "Exile", apparently.
  4. Re: Hurts - The Mass (2nd Album & Singles)

    I loved it until the bombast kicked in. I need to be in another frame of mind for that.
  5. Re: Hurts - The Mass (2nd Album & Singles)

  6. Re: Hurts - The Mass (2nd Album & Singles)

    Mmmmm same here. Theo's gentle vocals at the start of the song are beautiful though.
  7. Re: Hurts - The Mass (2nd Album & Singles)

    I'm at work so can't hear this, very annoying!

    Anyone able to offer a description of The Road?
  8. Re: Hurts - The Mass (2nd Album & Singles)

    Those gentle vocals sent me here to type A-MA-ZING but then it all went a bit over the top.

    Album expected to be out March 8 in Germany, they can buy the track on iTunes. Not a fan of an album being out a month after a gig, not much to cling on to when they play the new songs, but I'm sure they'll blow me away. And who knows, maybe Adam will have a shiny new set of teeth.
  9. Re: Hurts - The Mass (2nd Album & Singles)

    Oh, the UK can buy the track as well. Release date March 11. That cover must be a placeholder.
  10. Here's a new promo clip as well

  11. K94



    Great little single although I want more uptempos a la Better Than Love and Wonderful Life.
  12. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Thread title amended! The Road sounds great and thankfully not a massive departure.

    So a 12 track standard album and 14 track deluxe, eh? Hope that applies to physical too.
  13. Loving this, perfect progression from the Happiness sound.
  14. I am so excited for this.
  15. This is great, though I can't help but notice that the verses sound 'a bit' like Call Me. (But that's probably just me.)
  16. They need to get this on UK iTunes. I need this on my iPod
  17. It is on iTunes UK.

    Their pretentious videos crack me up. They should have called their album Angst. Or Sturm und Drang.
  18. I can't find it, I must look harder. Actually willing to buy this song!
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