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Hurts - Exile (Album & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jtm, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Brilliant
  2. That reviewer seemed to love all the crunchy-dirgey-metal stuff that turned people off them. Actually, he basically just wants Adam hammering away on the guitar? Baffling.
  3. Exile is Amazing and so is Happiness. The Road and Cupid are great gym tracks.
  4. Ray


    "Silver Lining" is "talent show dross"? What did this guy expect to hear at a Hurts concert I wonder. Did he think it was going to be thrash metal or did he confuse it with Britney's Vegas show?
  5. "Cheesy chart vocals"?

    "Stench of Syco"?

  6. He


    I love Happiness and I did not care for Exile. I did not find them very different. Hope they recapture my attention, I really like them as a band.
  7. Any news on Hurts? They said we wouldn't have to wait as long for the next album but it feels like ages since the last one now.
  8. I need a new album from Hurts in my life...
  9. It sure does seem like ages! I'm looking forward to listening to Exile soon now that it's Autumn,

    What would I give for a Halloween themed, complete with creepy children's choir, video of Sandman?
  10. I'm totally here for new Hurts music.
  11. Exile didn't really do it for me either, just too dark, however, I still listen to Happiness, so I'm definitely up for new stuff very soon.
  12. Do they still have a record deal? The album didn't do terribly well.
  13. I expect it did well enough internationally for them to get another chance.

    I didn't end up listening to Exile nearly as much as Happiness but Blind is still a jam.
  14. I love Exile.

    Sandman is so underrated
  15. Still nothing?
  16. I have to say I actually liked the darker sound Exile had over Happiness. Though a new album would be fantastic.
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