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Hurts - Exile (Album & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jtm, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. He


    Don't tell me that, makes me a bit sad, I find 30 seconds to Mars awful.
  2. Oh, they aren't that bad.
  3. MM


    They are. Well, I quite like it as well, though I must say Hurts is the last band I'd expect to jump on the bruv-step bandwagon.
  4. Not really feeling like playing this one again. Dirgey and overproduced.
  5. I quite like the new song, really looking forward to the forthcoming album.
  6. I really liked their debut album, although I do not play it that much these days. I loved almost every song and their gigs I attended were great, but I am not really feeling this new song. Maybe it's a grower, but for now it did not impress me. Still looking forward to their new album though!
  7. Jam


    Album CD preorder
    Regular version and a deluxe, the deluxe edition comes with a bonus DVD.

    (links to deluxe)

  8. I'd be very disappointed if that chant isn't sampled anywhere on the record playing backwards or something.

  9. Single "Miracle" debuts on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show tomorrow 7.45 - but won't be released until the day before the album.

    Annoying! They could have given it a week's headstart.
  10. Bizarre release strategy. I suppose Hurts are album rather than single sellers so it makes sense to promote them simultaneously.
  11. Sometimes acts who don't sell many singles sell more of the single on the week the album comes out because of cherry-picking. But it can probably work the other way too. I am expecting them to have a shot of sneaking into the top 10 now that they have established a fanbase. If the song is good... which of course it will be. *nervous*(
  12. Pre-ordered the album, although I thought it would get a new cover unless this one is still just a placeholder. I can't wait to hear Miracle, I hope it's as 'big' sounding as The Road!
  13. It's on now.
  14. The intro and verses are immediately hooky, but not sure about the chorus. I'm sure it'll grow on me, Happiness was a grower for me as well.
  15. I missed it. Is it more Wonderful Life vs Better In Love vs The Road?
  16. Well it's still buzzing round my head at the moment which is a good sign. But my only worry is that it's the wrong sound for the lead single. It's not as commercial as Wonderful Life or Stay, so it might not be as big a mainstream hit in Europe. And if it's really strong enough to be a major UK hit either.

    I can understand them wanting to go a little rockier, but they needed a big radio track for the first single in my opinion.
  17. Not liking the rockier direction. It, strangely enough, makes them sound really run-of-the-mill. I could imagine 'Miracle' being sung by Muse, or Snow Patrol, or 30 Seconds to Mars, or even Example... It just doesn't sound like anything new or exciting to these ears.
  18. I adore 'Miracle'. It really does sound rock bandy though, it's very 30 Seconds to Mars but classier.
  19. Eh.

    I appreciate the need to grow and remain current, and I appreciate that the best way to feel like you have done those things is to do something that is Obviously Different, but this feels like a lateral move at best, and I don't like the melody.
  20. Miracle sounds like something Imagine Dragons would release. I'm really not sure I like this change of direction. I agree with Euphoria, sounds really run-of-the-mill.
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