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Hurts - Exile (Album & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jtm, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Is this definitely the Europe-wide single? Maybe they're doing what they did last time, releasing the more credible-sounding single first in the UK.
  2. "Euphoria" would be amazing in a Hurts style.
  3. oh dear..... that as rather dull mainstream sounding rock. Radio 1 and local radio will love it!
  4. K94


    I like it - nice hooks, nice chorus though the melody is a bit iffy. I have faith in my boys though - they will deliver!
  5. Their relentless touring has obviously had an impact on the direction they appear to be taking. Arena sized with added crowd-pleasing chants.

    It is above average but the electronic sound and the folksong on the "Russia 2012" clip made me more excited.
  6. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Oh no...I can't stop this from happening...aaagh...


  7. MM


    Miracle left me far from disappointed, but I hope they don't deliver an album filled with guitar-lead songs. A few songs would be alright, but I still prefer the direction The Road was promising.
  8. Another Stay on the new album would please me...
    On first listens I do enjoy Miracle, and think it will go down well on radio.
  9. Does anyone else hear Princess Of China?
  10. That was my first thought!
  11. It's basically just a mash-up of Paradise and Princess of China.
  12. Nothing I've read in this thread makes me want to make an effort to try and hear this. Sad times.
  13. Really sad to hear how one of my favorite bands have turned shit!

    Oh well, hopefully there will be at least one good remix because I guess I can hear a potentially good song somewhere under there!
  14. There's bound to be songs like Stay on the album. I always thought Better Than Love was one of the weakest tracks on Happiness so I'm still optimistic for the album. I think it's just that they realised they needed more up-tempo songs so they could do better live shows.
  15. Would any of you beautiful gentlemen care to procure a link to the currently discussed composition from Hurts?
  16. Indeed. "Let's write an anthem!" etc. Destined to be huge in Germany at least.
  17. LJB


    It's certainly more rock and less 'synth pop', a stark turn in a different direction. And whilst I prefer synth-pop Hurts, I still love this. It retains all the Hurts epicness and melancholy, and certainly has more atmosphere and donk than a Coldplay track.
  18. So in Heaven I'll probably be getting rock songs I don't know (as the album won't be out yet) and rockier versions of earlier favourites. Can't wait.
  19. The bolded and underlined: absolutely.
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