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Hurts - Exile (Album & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jtm, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. LJB


    If anything, this will be glorious live. We already have The Road that's indicative of a record that isn't all rock instrumentation.

    I'm sure they'll dust of the Happiness singles too, right? RIGHT?!
  2. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Oh dear.

    I was listening to the Big Songs of today and actually preferred the Lawson one. Not cool, Hurts, not cool.
  3. RJF


    This is a whole load of nothing. No spark, no bite. Not even any atmosphere, which they are usually so good at creating.
  4. Someone please remind me in 361 days to type the word "HURTS" in the space labelled "Had It, Lost It in 2013" on Popjustice's poll next year. Thanks.
  5. It is VERY much like Princess of China
  6. I'm very disappointed, I loved their debut a lot. I was hoping for another Unspoken!
  7. It's ok. I was hoping for something that got me right away like Sunday did (which was the first song I heard from them).
  8. Why is everyone writing them off suddenly after one song? Miracle is pretty good, if not on the same level as Wonderful Life, and it's probably been picked as the lead single because it's the most commercial and will do well on radio, not because it's the best song on the album. The Road is probably more indicative of how Exile will sound, it's way too melodramatic to fit onto a Coldplay-style album.
  9. Meh, i've tried to get into their music, but i still only like Stay.
  10. K94


    I agree with all of this apart from it being on the level of Wonderful Life - Wonderful Life is one of their best.
  11. People are being a little melodramatic. It's not THAT different from many of the tracks on the Happiness album. So long as there some more ballady and electro songs on the album I'll be happy. But I do like this the single too, just not convinced it's a hit.
  12. LJB


    I think Wonderful Life is the weakest song on Happiness by far.
  13. Sorry, it's meant to say it's good despite not being Wonderful Life good.
  14. Oh I love this!

    Reminds me of something else though.....Makes me think of Princess of China
  15. I'm not surprised this is terrible.
  16. I loved Happiness. Wasn't blown away by The Road, and when I heard Miracle my initial thought was what the hell have they done. It reminded me of how Depeche Mode went from electronic to rock in their sound - which I personally despised. But by the third listen I quite liked Miracle. My thinking is that it is simply the most chart friendly track on the album, and not entirely representative. Hopefully there will be other tracks more like Silver Lining and Stay on there too. But if it turns out they have guitars on every track I'll be very disappointed.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2013
  17. LJB


    Eurgh, this is going to be annoying 'I prefer their earlier stuff' thing isn't it. There really isn't much more electro ground for them to cover without becoming either samey or shit (frankly, even the extra songs on deluxe aren't a patch on the proper album).
  18. I agree but would it be a good move commercially?....... I feel they are doing what The Simple Minds did it the 80's and that is to go 'bland' and go for a bigger Stadium arena type audience. I'm prepared to wait and hold judgement until I hear more new material.
  19. Miracle's not bad - sounds pretty good so far. It's one I think I will enjoy a lot more when I get the album.

  20. I really just can't get into them, and Miracle isn't helping one bit. To build on their fairly impenetrable aesthetic with a great big heap of 'authentic rockiness' is too much.
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