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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IceflamePhoenix, May 29, 2009.

  1. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    Re: HURTS

    "Relax" was big in Sweden early on too. Another proof that "Wonderful Life" totally would work if it was pushed a bit here! Somebody call Rix FM!
  2. Re: HURTS

    Relax is a Sngo for Gay's thouhg!!

    (I amnot Gay myslef!)
  3. jtm


    Re: HURTS

    Not where I should have been it seems. I thought 'Blood, Tears & Gold' was the only song they put online so far.
  4. Re: HURTS

    Denial only hurts, Dumper. Remember that.
  5. Re: HURTS

    To my shame I've only just discovered the brilliance of Wonderful Life. They are playing live in my area next month so I might go.
  6. Re: HURTS

    "Better Than Love" sounds a lot better in HQ, and it's grown on me considerably (it's also leaked). It sounds very similar to Depeche Mode...
  7. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: HURTS

    Better Than Love is awful and undoing all the good work Wonderful Life did.
  8. Re: HURTS

    They should be called Beige.
  9. Re: HURTS

    I think I quite like "Better than Love" actually.
  10. Re: HURTS

    I reckon this indicates a number of commercial remixes are likely on the way, but does anyone actually like this Tiefschwarz remix of Better Than Love? Ugh!
  11. Re: HURTS

    Is "Better Than Love" an indication that HURTS will be resurrecting other Daggers songs?

    Is it too late to put a vote in for Death It Feels and Leave? They deserve a proper release.
  12. Re: HURTS

    Don't offer or hint at the offer of illegal music downloads or links to illegal downloads.

    Read more:

    Or was this a legal download? Sorry, I didn't check before I edited your post, I need another coffee, etc.
  13. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: HURTS

    It was just a snippet of a TERRIBLE mix.
  14. Re: HURTS

    “Forsaken” and “The whole of the Moon” might rehash too. But I’m not sure about “Lost in the Distance” and “Jealousy” - I like this two more than others and think it’s too pop for present “HURTS”. Theo’s voice is so young in “Jealousy”, such an inimitable intonations (especially in refrain), he can’t repeat it... And it isn’t necessary… Isn't that so?)))))))
  15. Re: HURTS

    'Better Than Love' has been in my head for days now. Is a video coming out soon?
  16. Re: HURTS

    As do I. Don't get all the hate it's getting, as much as I love their moody stuff I don't want an entire album of it - Depeche Mode are bad enough.
  17. Re: HURTS

    It's crazy because I had a dream about the video. It was all snowy.
  18. Re: HURTS

    They seem abit boring. It's hard to tell if they're serious or joking. I'd have liked to go to the Radar tour just for Hurts but they're not coming near me I mean Wrexham? Is there much call for gigs there?
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