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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IceflamePhoenix, May 29, 2009.

  1. vasilios

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  2. dmc


    Is he holding a picture of the Virgin Mary?

  3. I think that's the first thing we've ever agreed upon.
  4. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    But it's already happening in some European parts!
    Hurts, the new Eighth Wonder Ultra!
  5. YouTube shows that the Wonderful Life video is most watched in Greece, didn't they perform on TV there?
  6. jtm


    We'll talk about later this year after they'll have had a hit all over Europe.

    'Wonderful Life' will be played on radio for years to come.
  7. SockMonkey

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    It's the print on the top he's wearing.
  8. He


    Is it HURTS or Hurts? Stupid lastfm has two pages.

    I love their sound, Illuminated was my favorite back when I got some of their tracks.
  9. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    People keep mentioning it, but is it meant to be in capitals or not? If we just go by artwork on the front page of PJ then it's also THE SATURDAYS and MCFLY.

    Their website never writes it in capitals aside from the logo.
  10. I may have mentioned this before, but they really are a pair of absolute fitties.
  11. Album cover: 7/10.
  12. Hurts are Wonderful Life + pretentious rubbish and noway does their material justify being raved about by PopJustice but ALL IS FORGIVEN because of the 'Actually' pun in the news bit title.
  13. Wow, we're getting the album here in Switzerland a week earlier than in UK AND the CD is really cheap - converted in British pounds only about 10.5. Awesome.
  14. jtm


    Most people in this thread seem to think otherwise. I'm really looking forward to a good pop album after a shitload of mediocre stuff that's been released this year. And I like all the songs I've heard so far, so they most definitely deserve to be raved about. But to each their own.
  15. Wonderful Life is so wasted on those two. They are exactly like those early 90's bands created and managed by Tom Watkins, copying PSB and failing.

    Hurts are essentially the 2wo Third3 of the 10's.
  16. Didn't they write Wonderful Life though?

    I'm not sure they're going to be successful here. Perhaps their image (striking though it is) is a bit too po-faced for the public. I've listened to the Arthur Baker remix of Wonderful Life a million times though.
  17. Doesn't matter, does it? I'm sure Little Boots wishes she had given 'Remedy' to Kylie.
  18. I bow to your logic.
  19. Gotta love all these people coming out of the woodwork to give their opinion on a band they've more than likely barely heard.
  20. Err, you will find me discussing Hurts in Page 2 of this thread i.e a lot earlier than you came out of the woodwork, dear.
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