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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IceflamePhoenix, May 29, 2009.

  1. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    First thought: Together they must be insufferable.

    Second thought: Oh.
  2. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    My 2nd thought was Eyebrows.
  3. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    Why can't I download Happiness?

  4. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    They're like the 'indie' version of that guy from JLS and that girl from The Saturdays. Way hotter, and talented.
  5. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    It seems to no longer be on Amazon. What is up with that indeed?
  6. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    I shall refer to them as H&M, by the way.
  7. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    Oh this is stupid. I just downloaded Better Than Love from iTunes just to delete it just so I could not feel guilty about trawling to internet to find a different place to download Happiness and it's not fucking anywhere!

    I'm confused and upset.
  8. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    So true.
  9. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    Blimey. I think I bought Happiness from Amazon just in time (a couple of days ago). It's phenomenal, of course.

    And if that's true about Marina, they are the Pop Power Couple of the decade. And there will really be no competition fashion-wise (or music-wise, although a duet is a little hard to imagine).

    I really can't put it better than this:

  10. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    They look weirdly alike.
  11. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    You should've sold it to Heat and then you could've afforded spell checker.
  12. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    And very impressive, too. I suppose it's one of those few instances where all sane straight fellows have as much reason to be envious as all sane straight ladies.
  13. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    Oh my god. YES.
    Could you imagine the suit Theo would wear?! And MArina would wear some bat shit dress.

    Not wrong, just highly erotic.

    I love that even when he's with his girlfriend, he still does that same pose. At least he's smiling in this one, though!
  14. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    This has to be a load of shit.. I don't believe this.

    No, I do believe it.
  15. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    Even though it's not Happiness (no pun etc etc), you might want to know that you can download Better For Love for free from their website.
  16. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    Theo's hairline is so unfortunate. I can't tell if it's receded or if he just has such a flattened hairstyle but either way…!
  17. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    The fact alone that Theo manages to pull off an earring makes me want to sleep with him.
  18. Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    They are both so cuuuute, maybe that's why Marina has been wearing like a trowel-load of makeup recently.
  19. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life'

    Dumper's pic is a lot more indie cool:
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