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Hyped up acts that failed to get any success

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blabby, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. I'm not talking about acts that were hyped, had a successful first era then declined (plenty of those) but acts that were heavily hyped by the press before their debut and were predicted hugely successful careers but failed at the first hurdle and sometimes not even releasing a debut album.

    I'll start with the most obvious of them all - Girl Thing

    Daisy Dares You -

    Alex Gardner -

    Mini Viva -

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  2. Oh but Mini Viva had a few fab songs!

    Can I mention Posh? She did get albums but only because...
  3. Private Lives by EMI in 1984
    Spelt Like This by EMI in 1985
    and I really wanna say Sigue Sigue Sputnik as 2 months in 1986 fits perfectly (ignoring Success in 1988 of course as rock n roll product distributed under pressure)
    Nasty Rox Inc by ZTT in 1987
    Perfect Day by London in 1988 (though I love them)
    Reid by EMI in 1989

    So many..
  4. How about Chesney Hawkes? As a very young child one of my first memories was how huge The One and Only was. I thought he was going to be big.

    Further singles and the album underperformed and he now lives off The One and Only at Butlins and the like.
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  5. Fischerspooner, when electroclash was also hyped to be the next biggest thing, loved Fischerspooner since day 1 and still do now, they deserved to be so much bigger

    The only thing that miffed me was having tickets to see them in Newcastle in 2002 and they cancelled to go and remix Kylie (I think that's what it was)
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  6. Yes, they had ads plastered everywhere at the time. Likewise, Drum Theatre. Can't remember what label they were on, but was probably EMI as well. I like them all.
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  7. Epic, great album. Good spot EG!
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  8. Eldorado, Home Is Where The Heart Is. Excellent stuff. Got the CD reissue of "Everyman" somewhere!
  9. Girls Can't Catch -

  10. Faith, Hope & Charity.

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  11. The Marines - another 2-singles-and-gone flop girl group

    They did get some Harding/Curnow PWL remix treatment though

  12. Recent-ish ones (2010-2012):


    Wild at Heart (though one half of them did continue as The Land Below):

    I Am Noxious (drummer from Alphabeat):
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  13. I never realized that Frazier Chorus was hyped. They definitely were not in Germany where most of their Virgin singles didn´t even come out or went straight to the cut-out bins.
    What a pity, they were great! A little too subdued and polite maybe?! The Beloved took that sound to the charts.

    Electribe 101 come to mind as hyped and not living up to the (chart) expectations.
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  14. Were Efua & Big Pig really hyped? 'Somewhere' was a top 20 hit in Australia (which back then was a moderate hit, as we didn't have a peak on debut and then plummet chart like the UK), and seemed to come out of nowhere, with no real 'hype'.

    That Big Pig song was big (top 10) in Australia, and they had an earlier top 20 hit. Wasn't aware that they were hyped in the UK/other countries.
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  15. This be the Queen of this post:

    Awww :(
  16. The Party circa 1991. I don't even remember which song (if I heard it), but they had a 2-page Smash Hits (Australia) article, and were touted as being big in '92 (or something), yet nothing charted.

  17. The most recent one that springs to mind is Sigrid. Girl was everywhere via Spotify and random ads that added up to nothing.
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  18. That band that did Jane Falls Down and Industry.
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  19. I regret sending this cd single to the charity shop ... That bassline ...
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  20. The Modern - I've bought both of those in the last 12 months, like Electroclash 4 years too late - great remixes though
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