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Hyped up acts that failed to get any success

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blabby, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Deserved to fail for that title alone.
  2. The Dolly Rockers, don't know if they were that hyped but I felt there was nothing to them...
  3. Alexis Strum instantly came to mind. Songwriting career aside (if it still exists), her popstar career disappeared almost as fast as the buzz for her did.
  4. Such a shame she had a chavvy start. French Kisses and Mysterious are ace tunes.
  5. Would this bad girl count?

    I was too young to have awareness of... well, promo in general when she debuted, but it seems like she got a big push in the wake of Britney and Xtina's successes.

    The lyrics to Tired are so tragic, in hindsight. Album is pretty solid, though, have to say.
  6. Do AlunaGeorge count? I don't feel they ever lived up to the hype that surrounded them when they popped up on the scene, Both of the records they put out haven't really done anything to justify the hype in terms of sales or to a lesser degree the music itself, aside for maybe one or two tracks.
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  7. Ellie Campbell.
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  8. Yup. Similar to VV Brown - AlunaGeorge were seemingly everywhere in 2013, they were getting this massive push and the hype surrounding them was huge but they didn't do as well as expected with their first album and their second album last year charted in the lower ends of the Top 100 (ouch).
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  9. Elvis for the 90s anyone? Thought not.
  10. Not Wikipedia giving us this relentless mess:
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  11. I've got their Je Suis Un Dolly and Gold Digger - oxymoron-tastically pop trash
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  12. Stooshe?
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  13. They had a vaguely cool sense of street cred which “Waterfalls” killed. It completely sucked the momentum of the previous two Top 5 hits out their campaign.

    I remember the label panicking & the album mixes/ tracklisting/ artwork/ title being changed almost at the 11th hour. To be fair the changes improved the album & they regained some traction. I thought it ended up being a sizeable enough hit. (I guess the label thought differently).

    If the label had moved swiftly on after “Slip” with a Clean Bandit style feature leading into the next era (instead of getting cold feet after “My Man Music”), I think they would still be a viable entity, but a 2nd dip in momentum from being dropped, merely cut their swift commercial decline.

    It’s sad really.
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    What kind of briefly propping up the 60s revival trend again 4 years after it peaked and ended? *weeps*

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  15. Stephanie McIntosh
    Teairra Mari
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  16. Gold Digger was brilliant bratty pop, wasn't it?
  17. Catch seemed to be everywhere for a hot minute. Even Elton was a fan.

    Wilkipedia helpfully tells us:
    The band released one self-titled album, which was only issued in Indonesia.

  18. Isn't that video infamously known for ITV fading out in the middle of it playing to break the news of Princess Diana's death?
  19. Apparently so! My lasting Sarurday morning memory was a few months later when the singer appeared on Live And Kicking and embarrassed Zoe Ball by serenading her with Sexy Boy by Air. Very odd.
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  20. Oh my god. I have that CD single! I thought I was the only person who knew about them!
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