HYRA - REM (No Sleep)


HYRA is throwing it back to the early days of hyperpop with her new single, "REM (No Sleep)."

The energetic track draws upon the ever-looming impact of PC Music on today’s cultural landscape and marries elements of its production with that of more mainstream EDM, morphing it into a musical framework that’s as synthetic as it is real.

That realness comes through HYRA’s songwriting: "The track is about falling in love with somebody to the point that they’re present in your dreams," she tells PAPER. "It’s the romanticization of being with someone so adamantly that the 'person of your dreams' becomes your reality. REM paints the picture of fast nights infused with energetic and numbing love."

HYRA comes from a long lineage of pop songwriters who combine their emotive side on the lyrics with boisterous electronic production, with Charli XCX and Lady Gaga having been two of her biggest influences. She’s bounced back and forth between all of the US pop capitals — LA, NYC and Miami — and brought with her a full deconstruction of the genre.

Hard to believe we're already at the point where "Early Hyperpop Throwback" is a thing but hey, it slaps!

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Wait, this goes off. It's giving me Hayley Williams hijacks the "Bad Romance" music video set with SOPHIE overseeing the operation.